[Infographic]The Recipe for a Perfect Landing Page

Perfect Landing Page

Creating a perfect landing page is the first successful step towards building a business. It will give you a measure of the idea’s success and gives you the much required confidence with each successful signup. We stumbled upon an awesome infographic at BritishLogoDesign.uk on the recipe to create a perfect landing page. Here are the highlights of the Infographic:

1. Having a video on landing page will help to achieve higher conversion rates.

2. Emotion is more than twice as effective as logic in Advertising.

3. “Free” is more powerful than any other discount or indicator of value – if something is described as free, leads are 66% more likely to try it.

4. When it comes to trust, stories are more powerful than statistics.

5. Keep it simple. Still to 1 Call to action for highest number of conversions.

Perfect Landing Page