Six Ways to Take your Business to the Next Level


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If you think about it, after incorporating a company, there are probably hundreds of steps you can take to propel your business to an entirely new level altogether. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, focus on a few steps that will work best for your specific products or services. Whether your business is online or brick-and-mortar, weaving these small changes can increase your sales and result in eventual success.

1. Bring your business online.

Company formation online  is crucial for a business’ visibility and accessibility. If your business is in a physical facility and you don’t have a large online presence, consider starting an online business and creating a digital campaign. Your campaign could be a simple as a Facebook business page, or as involved as a series of landing pages that lead to a new website. Whatever you utilize, it should be designed to catch a prospective customer’s attention within seconds. If you have more than one service, you should have a landing page for each service. The landing page directs the prospective customer – via a call to action-  to visit your main website itself.

 2. Happy employees make for better business.

Are your employees happy? Customers can differentiate between a happy employee and a disgruntled employee, and customers are more likely to buy from a company with positive business practices. A happy employee is also more apt to go the extra mile, and spend extra time with a prospective customer to try to sell a product or service. Keeping employees satisfied can be a challenge, but there are several ways to achieve success, whether it’s through a positive, upbeat environment, your treatment of your employees, bonuses, or an open-door policy for discussions on how to improve your product/service offerings.

3. Give your customers a deal.

Offer a free services or products. If you offer services, you could give a free half-hour of your time, a complimentary consultation, or a free product when the customer pays for certain services. When giving away freebies, use promotional items that have your company’s name engraved on them. The items can be as simple as pens, calendars, mugs, or T-shirts.

4. Harness social media.

If you already have an online presence but don’t use social media, create a social media ad campaign. Link a Facebook campaign with Twitter and Google+. Offer prospective customers something for purchasing a product or service. You can also post coupons through various social media avenues that prospective customers would print and use with their first few orders.

5. Expand your brand.

So your business is online – but what about print media? If your company doesn’t have the budget for print, consider writing a press release. When you approach print media, be prepared to catch the representative’s attention immediately. Your press release might focus on a product launch or a sales percentage donation that your company is making to a popular charity. Also, don’t forget to contact your local press about a promotion or a new product that you’re offering. News doesn’t make itself, and it’s your job to make your company’s voice heard.

6. Be approachable.

Customers love special attention they receive from a business. Make sure you’re available to answer questions, and discuss your products and services with a smile. Make sure to respond to any emails or comments in a prompt and respectful manner. A friendly business is a booming business.

Sometimes, minor changes are all it takes to make a visible difference. If you think you’re doing all that you could do, poll your customers to see what types of changes they would like to see. You can use comment/feedback cards in your business if you’re a brick-and-mortar store, or you can ask customers to take a survey about their experience with your business. Even a single, small change could mean the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal, lifelong customer.


Photo Source: New Seasons Market