BatNotesApp – Let the #bat save your tweets



A simple tweet bookmarking app created by Shobhit Bakliwal, a student at BITS pilani and loves coding in Java and Ruby on Rails.

All you need to do is sign up at which is very easy as it signs up using your twitter account, and to save a tweet just append it with a #bat and it will be saved to your batnotes account.

You can even create a list of your saved tweets and share it with other people.

Now, i know the online marketeers and SEO guys, you may be thinking, that if you hashtag every tweet that would make you a spammer, but would you want to save each and every tweet? no, there are some specific tweets, specially quotes and dialogs that are interesting or some which you yourself created, just save it with a #bat and if it gets lots of favorites & retweets, you know it has been saved and you can once again use them whenever you see the right time market the content.

BatNotesApp also gives you the option to save your favorited tweets.

Leaving the marketeers and twitter professionals aside, if you are one of those twitter addicts, who tweets every moment of life and even tweets the things to do, then this app can definitely be your time saver. There are pretty high chances you may miss imporatnt promises, commitments or to-dos you made on twitter, you don’t need to go back to twitter and search for it, just look it up in your batnotes.

Give this little app a try and let us know your views and suggestions.