Do you really mean it when you say Customer Service?

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genius bar

Customer Service is a topic which has been talked about numerous times and I understand most of you reading this will be thinking that you know it very well and have applied or have seen businesses apply it in their systems.

But watching these couple of videos made me feel we have still not improved beyond the tradtional customer service and businesse still look at people like objects which needs to be convinced to draw out money and buy the product.

As entrepreneurs when thinking or planning of customer service how many of you actually consider the economy of the region you are catering to. And if you are having a good number of customers coming in, do you really think of making their shopping experience better?

Most of the time when you have good number of customers, businesses spend and put more efforts on advertising and using their brand name to sell what ever product they can no matter what the quality.

I say, Stop thinking in terms of B2C or B2B, whatever your business may be, but if you want to have long term growth you need to think in terms of B2P i.e. Business to People, because what ever you create or provide, goes to and will be used by some person. Start thinking on improving human experience rather than making ways to churn out their hard earned money.

I’ll stop here for now, just watch the videos below and let us know what do you think about customer service.



Image Credit: kpiau