How to Bluff In Poker



Bluffing in poker is one of the most important aspects of the game, whether you’re playing at Unibet or some other casino. This trick allows you to play off bad hands. However, in order to bluff you need to understand some of the fundamental concepts before you’re going to get away with it. Here are some tips to help you pull off a bluff like an expert.

Understand the Tells

The “tells” are the signs that people make when bluffing. If you can understand and remember these, not only will it help you avoid doing any of these things so that you can be a better bluffer, but it will help you spot when other people are bluffing.

  • You can often tell someone is bluffing by where they play their chips. If they put them further away, they expect their chips to be leaving that hand. If they are closer, they may actually have a good hand. This is all done subconsciously.
  • Watch for twitchy or anxious signs. You may notice small facial twitches such as eye movement, small smiles, or even a person holding their breath can give it away. Be sure to watch how fidgety their hands are as well.
  • Exaggeration is another common element of bluffing. If they seem extra confident, you know they are lying.
  • Watch for any shaking or leg tapping. This is an anxiety sign.

Change Your Focus

After looking at your hand, keep it in the back of your mind. However, while waiting, you also need to be able to focus on something else so you don’t give away your hand with subconscious signs. You can try focusing on staring at your chips, your hand, the back of your cards, or anywhere in the room. One important thing to remember is that you need to keep the object you’re focusing on the same every hand. If you switch it up you might draw suspicion.

River Card

The bet after the river card is the most important bet of the hand, and so this could be the moment where you either make or break your hand. If the check comes to you and you have the first bet, placing a larger bet can intimidate your opponents and make it seem like you have a good hand, making them back out. However, if someone bets before you, you should try to bet just a little higher to try and push them out of the hand. If they’re bluffing, they more than likely won’t risk it.


You often notice that professional player wear sunglasses. This isn’t for fashion, as this serves another purpose. The best way to read a person is through their eyes. A person’s eyes can tell a story. It can be hard to block out these signs, no matter how experienced you are at bluffing. Instead, you can wear sunglasses so that your opponents have one less aspect of you to read, protecting your bluffs. This is entirely legal in the game and has proven effective.