[Infographic] The Neil Patel: From MOPPING TO MILLION$ – Story of Diaper to Riches


Neil Patel


Neil Patel is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and digital marketing specialist. He co-founded Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, and he has spoken at over 100 web marketing conferences, including Entrepreneur and TEDx. We came across this awesome Biographical Infographic at FatBit.com that illustrates his journey from Mopping to Millions, all with a pinch of humor.

Very easy and interesting read, the key take away is cliched but true : Failures Are Stepping Stones To Success. One look at all the things Neil had to undergo before he really started making money and fame will be a good reminder to all those entrepreneurs dreaming at overnight success. Every Success story has its share of ups & downs, it’s only how much we know about it.

Neil Patel Biography Infographic


Image Credit: Sean Dreilinger