IT Environments More Secure than Fort Knox

fort knox

fort knox


When creating an IT environment for your business, you want to make it as secure as possible. Potential risks to IT environments include data theft and damage to servers, as well as accidental spills and problems with overheating rooms. With this in mind, you should invest in physical and virtual security measures, which can cover everything from creating a high quality modular data centre to finding the best encryption solutions for LANs and cloud services.

In terms of physical security, your first priority for an IT environment should be on deciding on what solutions will best suit an environment’s scale; a few servers can be dealt with through a dedicated server room with a locked door, environmental sensors, and a security camera if you’re concerned about access. For larger server rooms and storage of confidential data, you should consider modular data centres that can act as purpose-built facilities; these can provide secure IT environments to Fort Knox-like levels with biometric sensors, external and internal security cameras, and builds in remote locations.

For advanced security measures, consider combining methods like fob card swiping, retina scanning, and biometric palm reading to make it virtually impossible for an unauthorised person to pass through a centre’s gates. High definition CCTV cameras can be installed around server rooms and entrances to provide a 24 hour live stream to a security centre; you might also want to use thermal imaging cameras to detect heat signatures and sudden changes in temperature within a data centre.

Server rooms and any vaults that include confidential data tape and other IT equipment can be locked down with fire resistant shutters that automatically close if other security measures have been broken. Lockable server cabinets and racks can similarly be set up to prevent illegal access to servers, while automatic fire suppressants and extinguishers can be established around important equipment. Moreover, backup generators can be used to prevent significant problems with significant power outages.

While making sure that your IT environment is as secure as possible is important, it’s also crucial to encrypt and lock down your virtual environment if sharing data across a LAN or WLAN. Set up your LAN with multiple layers of encryption and limited access, and make sure that you work with service providers that have a strong reputation for security. If you’re sharing or backing up confidential data through the cloud, make sure that passwords and share settings are carefully monitored.

When looking for security solutions, it’s therefore crucial to take a pro-active approach to both physical security and virtual encryption. Even if you only have a few servers, consider the damage that can be created if you don’t sufficiently lock and protect rooms, and if you allow your network to be compromised by taking short cuts with encryption and allowing access to your files.

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