Knowlarity Launches Upgraded version of SuperReceptionist Services




Gurgaon, 6th July 2013: Knowlarity, a pioneer in Cloud Telephony has introduced an upgraded version of Super Receptionist service. SuperReceptionist, in its new avatar, provides businesses with five IVR levels and the advantage of operating multiple plans/phone numbers from a single user account.

With five IVR levels, business owners can put an end to customer frustrations by providing access to desired agent, or department, or business information straightaway without having to deal with a series of multiple voice prompts first. It is well known that if there is a restriction in the number of IVR levels available to a business, there is no other choice, but for the business owner to put multiple voice prompts at every IVR level in order to provide the full range of customer service options. This risks creating customer dissatisfaction and loss of business image. The new upgrade allows callers reach services right away without any unnecessary delays.

The upgrade comes with the advantage of managing multiple plans/phone numbers from a single user account. This feature makes it easier for businesses to manage multiple marketing campaigns on a single dashboard. By provisioning separate SR numbers for every marketing campaign and monitoring them for traffic generated businesses can pick and choose marketing campaigns on the basis of their ROI. The new upgrade provides a comprehensive bird’s eye view of business strengths and weaknesses by bringing all business initiatives to a common platform.

Mr. Ambarish Gupta, Founder & CEO says, “We are really proud to announce the new and upgraded SuperReceptionist with two in one facilities. It will help our clients businesses in streamlining their operations and generating value for their customers. It has the intensity to generate valuable business insights on the day to day running of the business helping businesses take smarter decisions in a real time environment”.