SoundBetter – A Freelancer Marketplace for Music Production Talent



Nowadays, it seems like every other person you meet does work on a freelance basis. Whether it’s design, writing, or some odd job concerning pineapples, the freelance market seems to be more robust than ever. is tapping into an under-recognized portion of this freelance economy, and providing a freelancer marketplace for music production talent.

SoundBetter offers a central, online hub, where engineers, producers, studios, and session players can offer their services to home recording musicians around the world. Through the site, musicians can find and hire local or remote work, based on several different criteria, including reviews, specialties, credits, location, and sound samples.

In July of this year, Jeff Wald wrote a guest post on Forbes titled “Forget The Jobs Report – Focus On the Freelance Economy”. His article questions the current standards through which the Bureau of Labor Statistics measures the health of the US labor force, citing an increase in independent or freelance workers from 10.3 million in 2005 to an estimated 42 million in 2012.

The freelance economy will continue to expand, and its spread to different industries is proof of this development. Sites like 99designs (for freelance designers) and SoundBetter were created to respond to these changing trends, needs, and capabilities of our society.

Via: TechCocktail