Coming of the Golden Age of Customer Service

customer service

customer service

The good old days – no traffic jams, affordable petrol, movies were better and people had time for each other. Sometimes you wish you could hitch a ride on a time machine and go back in time to those good old unhurried days. Careful what you wish for! The good old days are not all they are made out to be. Customer service or whatever that passed for customer service back those days would have caused you fits. Customer service today is miles ahead in terms of quality and responsiveness. So why would you like to go back in time when it used to take months for a business to answer to your mail?

Another good reason why the present is better than the past is affordable technology reaching to the masses. Thanks to mass production and economies of scale prices electronic goods have come down drastically over the last few years leading to wide scale use of technology in the marketplace the benefit of which has filtered down to the end consumer. For example, the arrival of cloud technologies, combined with the rapid development in the field of internet, communication and technology has brought down the prices of communication equipment bringing them within the buying range of most small and medium scale business ( SMB).

With prices of electronic equipment coming down so drastically over the last few years small and medium scale businesses are also capable of providing 24X7 customer service similar to fortune 500 companies. It is easy to provide 24 X 7 customer support with the proliferation of robust and affordable cloud technologies in the market. Knowlarity’s cloud telephony platform – the SuperReceptionist – provides the most comprehensive range of communication services available on a single platform. Since it is built on a cloud platform it leads to a lot of savings for the small businessman in terms of both CAPEX and OPEX. Savings in CAPEX results from zero upfront expenditure on hardware, installations and software licensing requirements. Similarly there are huge savings to be made on the OPEX front since services are largely managed by the cloud telephony providers.

Besides cost savings – OPEX as well as CAPEX – there are other benefits that are worth considering. Cloud telephony services are scalable. Extra lines can be provisioned in a snap preventing any service gap that may arise of scalability issues arising from high call volumes. No manual intervention is required while provisioning these extra resources the system scales automatically on demand and scales down when there is no demand.

It is easy to be nostalgic about the past and most of it is rightly justified but when it comes to customer service there is nothing like the present when it comes to the level and sophistication of services. As usual technology is leading the charge.

About the Author:

The above article has been contributed by Mr. Ambarish Gupta, CEO and Founder, Knowlarity Communications.