InstaContacts – Share, Organize and Restore Contacts effortlessly



After the explosion of Smart Phones in the market, it’s hard to remember the phone numbers of our family members too. We rely on the phone to store all our contacts.  Business Cards are a passée and technologies like Bump enable two people to share their contact via bumping their mobile phones.  We came across a free app that let’s a phone user store, organize and share their contacts super easy –  InstaContacts,developed by Krify Technologies.

When two people meet and want to share their contact details mutually, they can use the bump or QR code options provided on the App interface.  The main functionality of the App is to help store contacts easily and securely.  With a tap of a button, it saves all your contacts securely on InstaContacts Cloud Service. The contact restore functionality is platform independent, meaning that Android contacts can be restored on iPhone and vice versa.  One of the notable features is the web interface of the App, which helps users organize mobile phone contacts sitting at their desktop/ laptop.

Currently, the app has no Advertisements, but plans to add host of new features and in-app purchases in coming releases.  We tried the app, and must say that this App makes our everyday life of  organizing and sharing contacts a breeze.

Do give a try and let us know your feedback.

  • Mona Agarwal

    Cool App. Tried on my Samsung S4 and worked like breeze. Recommend it