DocEngage – Unique Healthcare Cloud Platform for Doctors and Patients



Health Care has witnessed massive changes in these recent years, with new multi-speciality clinics mushrooming everywhere. The good old concept of Family doctor has been slowly vanishing from the big picture.  Majority of the health care requirement is primary health care, and we still lack a seamless patient-doctor connect in this high tech era.  As patients, we store the medical records offline and wait in queues to book our doctor appointment.  From doctor’s and care clinic’s end, a lot of time is spent on administration and patient record maintenance which if tapped correctly can help the clinic grow manifold.  Hospital Management Systems, that exist from several years have long tried to solve this problem, often incompletely.

Simplifying Health Information

DocEngage, founded by Ahimanikya Satapathy is a fresh attempt to simplify the way health data is captured and used. It enables Doctors and Hospitals to keep an active Patient Engagement.It helps patients to book doctors appointments through Online/SMS/IVR, manage personal health records, get timely alerts/reminders/health & wellness tips. For doctors & care centres,it streamlines the daily workflow of a doctor by seamlessly bringing together all the activities on a single smart interactive platform. It is module based, and is completely customizable based on the requirements of the care provider.

The Interface

Highlights of the doctor interface include availability of the patient records before, during and after the visits.  When a patient books an appointment, a temporary ID is generated.  All the patient details are stored in DocEngage platform, and an appointment is generated.  When the patient comes down for consultation, the doctor fills in all his observations in the Consulting module and generates an e-prescription for the treatment prescribed.  This prescription is further taken care at the Billing, which promptly deducts the available items from Pharmacist’s Inventory.  The Inventory management system helps to keep track of the entire inventory and lets the care center customize it accordingly.

The Administration of the platform, staff/ leave management are role based and it makes sure only authorized users can alter the data. DocEngage also features Analytics & Reporting feature, which provides around 70 reports to choose from.

The platform is quite intuitive and the entire end-to-end flow has been beautifully captured.  Some of the best features include the ability to see doctor’s leaves before booking an appointment, to be able to bill against advance and customized inventory management.  The platform also provides APIs, which can be integrated with doctor’s wordpress platform, thus enabling more flexibility in appointment booking. Alpha Clinics, which has been DocEngage’s customer since last couple of months is quite happy with the product. “The product is very versatile and is capable of performing many things for us.  DocEngage as a team takes feedback very seriously, and makes sure it gets addressed in the core release of the product, rather than providing some quick tweaks. What we would wish, is the sooner launch of Mobile Applications to go with the Web Interface”, says Rajeev of Alpha Clinics.

TTP’s take on DocEngage

There are many HMS Systems out there, and this market has been captured by many players big and small. However, DocEngage stands out of the crowd for the intuitiveness in the platform, end-to-end integration and by being cloud based. It would help the DocEngage team to come up with comparison charts with prospective competitors, and the benefits of migrating to DocEngage to make the user acquisition a bit easier.