Listopten – Crowd Sourced Top 10 Lists For Better Decision Making



We all love lists. We check the top colleges to go to, top books to read and top destinations to travel. More often than not, the top 10 lists are curated by someone unknown to us and we sometimes have no option but to go with expert opinion. How many times has it happened that, we go to a movie because it’s in the top 10 lists but come back disappointed?  As with Crowd Sourcing disrupting a lot of areas in our daily lives – Listopten aims to be your crowd sourced top 10 lists for everything.

Started by Hitesh Sharma and Amit Kumar and later joined in by Prashant Singh, Listopten helps you to find Top10 results based on user opinion of anything you search online and helps your business to generate free traffic. In a month within it’s launch and currently in Beta, Listopten has secured an impressive Alexa Ranking of 5734 in India. Hitesh was an MBA student, however his passion for e-commerce led him to join a VC funded e-commerce start up and drop studies mid way. He later completed MBA (Symbiosis) and started his own venture to pursue Entrepreneurship full time. Amit is an MBA graduate who quit his well settled job to get into this venture with Hitesh. Prashant, MCA with 5 years of experience in various companies like yellow pages and matrimony sites too quit his job to join hands and make Listopten a strong team.


How does Listopten Work?

For a consumer, Listopten offers the opportunity to create their own lists. Currently, videos and images could be added to the list, with URL if applicable.  In addition to this, they can view & rate the lists on the website and rearrange the order if they don’t like what they see. The remixed version will be saved as the user’s list.

Listopten’s algorithm takes a list and aggregates all versions and based on the position of the item on each user version, providing it a user-based average rating. Every user has a profile rating, which is the average of all his list ratings. Businesses are provided with a free marketing tool, where they can create top 1o lists, featuring their products.When users create versions of this list, rate  and share socially,  there is a good chance of the list to get featured in listopten search. As all the list items can be associated with an URL, it will certainly help drive free relevant traffic to the business.

Future Plans

The team is currently focusing on building product and providing traffic to their e-commerce clients like, etc. and providing an engaging platform to the users. Future plans include monetizing user lists, thereby rewarding profiles with good ratings. While a bootstrapped startup so far, Listopten plans to look for funding from Angel Investors to support the venture.

TTP’s take on Listopten

This is an innovative idea  and has huge potential for success.  Monetizing user lists would be a big plus, as it would attract more consumers to Listopten. On the other hand, businesses have the unique opportunity to create their lists well and rank high in the search results.  The product could be improved on to have the capability to take items from other user/ business lists, and a nice to have feature would be to import an existing list elsewhere into Listopten.

  • Aditi Sharma

    Beautiful idea! I like the simplicity of the website and very user friendly. keep going on! best wishes.

  • good and innovative idea in the area of internet marketing or seo