Oblong Mezzanine – Is a Next Generation Technology and its Real – Believe It!

oblong mezzanine

oblong mezzanine


Mezzanine is the next generation high performance technology which allows participants to enter the room and start working virtually eliminating time and effort spent on collaborating with teams, especially when teams are located in different locations.

Meetings require a lot of things to be arranged: preparation, room set-up, task-assignment, and wrap-up. This is where a dynamic telepresence system can help, with Mezzanine, employees can simply plug in, instantly share documents, and get to work.



Simultaneous Engagement

By simultaneously engaging all participants and their tools, Mezzanine allows users to contribute at the right time.

It solves the problem of meetings interfering with work, it transforms a conventional meeting from a time to make plans and assign tasks into a time for collaboration.

There is no need to talk about what each participant will eventually do; everyone is able to identify and complete tasks in the moment.

Mezzanine is the solution for what today’s work practices require: productive, real-time work sessions that integrate devices, tools, data, and people. The shared workspace sets it apart from conventional telepresence systems. Participants interact, share visually engaging materials, and operate in real-time.


The question that arises at this point, is Mezzanine affordable enough to be adopted by startups and small-scale businesses? Many startups and small-scale enterprises have remote workers or offices, but mobile conversation and online video chat seems to be the effective solution. Mezzanine is brilliant and does seem to be a next generation thing but may be well suited for multi-national corporations, specially the one’s in the manufacturing space. For rest all,  Microsoft’s Skype, Google’s Hangout and Apple’s Facetime will work best.