Find an Ideal Cofounder for Your Startup at CoFounder Search Event



In a Startup, the founder is a one-man army. Although it initially looks exciting to learn and do a lot of things, startup needs people with complimentary skill sets sharing the same vision and core values. The entire process of finding a co-founder is nothing less than finding your soulmate – because they will make or break your startup. A lot of startup events hosted across India concentrate on things such as Funding, building your product and making those first few sales.  Less attention has been given to the art of finding the perfect co-founder and this entire activity has been left to the founder to learn by trial and error.

Startup Talks, an initiative for Early Stage Entrepreneurs has hosted 16 meetups with industry experts in the last 7 months.  During their meetups, they could understand the difficuilty in finding an ideal co-founder and the lack of platforms to do so. In order to bridge the gap, they are organizing the CoFounder Search Event in Hyderabad.  The event is scheduled on October 27th, 2:00 to 6:00 PM.

Event Details

This event is aimed at Startup founders looking for a co-founder or someone with specific domain expertise looking to join a startup. Cofounder Search shall be carried out along the lines of Speed dating where each person interacts for 3 minutes with the other and everyone personally meets a minimum of 25-30 others. Below is the format of the event:

Co-founder Event Hyderabad

You can sign up for the event here. For any queries, please get in touch with Manoj Surya at manoj.surya AT live DOT com / 9985743059.