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When our bundle of joy arrives, the first question we have in mind is – “What’s the baby’s name going to be?”. While the baby name planning starts well before the baby’s arrival, it is by no means an easy task. It would always be good to have an App Companion on your Smart phone giving you varied choices for baby’s name, compiling all of them at a single place and using Numerology to make better informed choices.

NameMyWorld, as the name suggests, is an app that helps parents name their baby (world) better. It basically uses the principles of Numerology, which is a science of numbers to determine if a particular name will be suitable for the baby, and whether it is in sync with the baby’s date of birth or not. It is calculated by a unique algorithm in the app, which returns back a percentage score for every name that parents wish to evaluate.

This iOS App NameMyWorld has been developed by MindSparx and released in Sept 2013. The app is free and comes with in-app purchases.The App is currently listed in AppStore in “What’s Hot” section, after proudly ranking #1 in LifeStyle category within 25 days of launch.

Story behind the App

The creator of the app, Vijay Khubchandani had come across numerology while casually surfing the internet in 2008 and started reading books to explore this science further as a hobby. Slowly the subject began surprising him with its amazing accuracy and he was intrigued to dig deeper and study it in more detail. Then after 4 years of studying and experimenting with the science over weekends and holidays, he quietly kept the acquired knowledge aside as a treasured reference with no plans to do anything more with it whatsoever. When one of his friend’s wife gave birth to a baby girl, he helped them name the baby with the numerology knowledge he’d gained so far and wondered what it would be like to help millions of parents naming their newborn.

How does the App work?

Start by creating a profile for your newborn baby. Enter the Date of Birth, preferred Last Name, preferred Middle Name, and details of both parents. Once the profile is created, you get a dedicated ‘Name List’ page for your baby. Use the ‘Name List’ page for adding the names that you are considering for your baby, and the app will return a percentage score about the suitability of that name for your baby based on the science of Numerology. 3 name choices are provided for free, along with the option to buy more using in-app purchases. The app also has “Suggest” feature which can give you name recommendations for your baby from over 30000 names across 90 different origins. ‘Suggest’ is a premium feature, and needs to be bought and unlocked inside the app.

Apart from these, the App has Compatibility check feature, Interpretations about your name and date of birth and gallery featuring eminent celebrities and their interpretations. Future releases of the App will include meaning search, birth date interpretation and ‘share for more’ which will give unlock some premium feature for sharing the App on Social media.

TTP’s Review of the App

The App looks neat and is very easy to use. As soon as we add a potential baby’s name to the list – the meaning of the name comes right below the name and numerology score pops up to its right – giving us some idea about shortlisting the name. Suggest is one of the best features of the App, as it unlocks a huge database of names to choose from.  The App could have a “free” mode for Suggest which would drive better conversions and probably a facility to share the baby names list with their family & friends for suggestions.

Rating: 4/5

  • Vijay Khubchandani

    Saraswathi, a big Thank You from everyone here at MindSparx, for an awesome review..