Wishberg introduces Custom Wishlists and Personal Event Registry


19th Dec, 2013- Wishberg lets users build and manage their wishes for life. The Mumbai based startup founded by Pravin Jadhav and Kulin Shah lets users put everything that they want to buy or own in one beautiful wishlist. Its like their personal shopping cart for life! Wishberg also lets users share their wishlist with friends and family and discover what people around them are wishing, their experiences and reviews.


Wishberg has introduced a new feature- Custom Wishlists & Personal Event Registry. This will allow users to create custom lists for specific occasions, events, themes or personal goal trackers. This feature enables users to build custom to-do wishlists like New Year Resolutions, Places To Explore in India, Gadgets to own, Books To Read This Year, and so on. Users can also add target dates and have option to receive gifts and use Wishberg to build registry for special life events (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Wedding, or similar) and share with their family & friends to receive gifts of their choice.

Pravin Jadav says the idea to introduce something like this came from the feedback of the users. The users wanted to build a sub-set of actionable wishes or mini-wishlists to achieve for any particular event or a particular time. Wishberg recently announced features that include ability for users to add ‘Fulfill Wish’ links while adding a new wish.

Kulin Shah, the co founder of Wishberg says “We continue to explore solutions that enable gratification of user’s wishes. One part to it is through product – where users get first hand experiences, other through alliances where brands and service providers use Wishberg. One such initiative was Secret Santa, in another one Uber is giving free rides to select users in Bangalore who want to explore the city. There are many more to come.”

For further information about the feature please visit- http://blog.wishberg.com/post/70460852069/introducing-custom-wishlists-and-event-registry