5 Best Places to find co-founders for your Startup



Right from Larry Page, Sergey Brin(Google), Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak(Apple), Binny & Sachin Bansal (Flipkart), Deepinder Goyal, Pankaj Chaddah(Zomato), we have fantastic co-founder stories who created Global companies. They didn’t start alone.Simply because they want the best finance, complementary skill, decision making on their start up according to their personality. If you have a venture in your mind, or a idea that can grow to a $100m company then why start alone. Start with a co-founder.Now,at the end of this article you will feel confident that finding a co-founder is easy. We suggest best practices for finding your crime-partner(funny but most explicable) on your new business enterprise.

 Hackathons– Interestingly, it’s the best place to find a co-founder. While the focus is on designing or developing something on day one or two, we may come up with the people with exceptional skill set.Here, people mostly with an expert skill set come along, and you might find the missing link to start your venture.

C0-founder search programs–  These are very intense sessions where applicants get a chance to meet highly interested people and willing to start. Similarly, most of us find our co-founder from our friends, colleagues, or former classmates. Considering the fact that there are very limited talented people who are fit for every aspect like (Design, Techie, and NON-tech and complementing each-other)the agenda for such programs is to have a diverse category of individuals. It gives a mix of everything you are looking forward to matching your skills. Ad-hoc talking about while doing is the main objective of this programme. Most of the time it focuses connecting specialized candidates with very good management team.

Web-sites focused on co-founder search – Once you know that you are all set for finding your co-founder don’t forget to chip in  your ideas to know about more number of people working under similar category. There are so many web-sites who can give you specific requirements along with featured broad category of potential co-founders. You just have to send them your requirement, and most of them are already sorted in algorithms to match your prerequisite. When independence, co-operation, helpfulness, developing talent and leadership is in your personal constitution then you should call them, meet –over a coffee and take it forward to the next level.

Former company networks –  Who better than your old companion whose expertise is proven, and you have shared values with them? The ideal way to maintain the social relationship with employees outside your company is to create a communication system. Where we can talk about ideas, don’t restrict them to yourself thinking that you have a very rare,cool idea that other have no-clue about.  Talk through and see if you can find one in your former company networks.

Failed Entrepreneurs – Certainly one more option to look for. This is a not-so well-known method but surely is one of the options for many of us who are starting for the first time.

Essentially you have to consider the possibility of Leadership battle, but taken carefully they have already experienced the highs and lows of a Start up life. So, experienced hand will come to your rescue for sure. Do watch out, and get a personal reference if available.


In India we always believe “jugaad”. So while you are starting out, we suggest looking for 360 degree view of who could be your potential co-founder. So don’t start solo, find a co-founder.