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Technology doubles in 24 months…errr…18 months to be precise – all thanks to Gordon Moore for laying those laws. Studies also say as people embrace technology, they get themselves hooked up with voluptuous material things like social medias, latest gadgets, games and stuffs. There has been gradual drop of memory in techies when they went deep into the technology abating the concept of jotting down the paper with pencil. Now you cannot turn back the technology but you can develop apps like Trip38 who can be your best friend when you travel. This article highlights the Trip38 app review and why every businessman, traveller or student must install Trip38.

Trip 38 is available in  Android  |  iTunes  |  Windows

Why Should I Download This App.

You cannot forget your pants and tees while travelling. What if you are having a lunch and standing in the luggage counter but you had forgotten your so called paper based e-tickets in your bags. Trip38 is a one stop solution for everything. Instead of saving all those PDF file in a pen drive and hanging it out the burden, or storing it in your desktop or even your mobiles, it is a headache. Trip38 will give you your own ticket when you download the app and run it after sending those tickets to and you are done.

Another good thing you want to know about Trip38 is that it can show you hotels, resorts and famous destination, maps to help you optimize your travel. The app is light to download and quick, uses low memory consumption.

Features of Trip38

1. Works offline. You cellphone may not need to incur data charges. It can use cache memory.

2. Flight and travel information when sent to you can get you mobile ticket on the app. Say no to paper tickets.

3. Will tell you about your  flight status, Alerts, terminal info, duty free shops etc on your mobile.

3. Other than flight ticket, you have some great search tools like hotel upgrade offers, things to do, restaurant options, local events, weather, embassy/consulate info, helpline/public utility info, directions and many more.

4. Easy to download and totally free.

5. Embedded map with GPS detection to gather your location and search your destination.

Trip 38 is available in  Android  |  iTunes  |  Windows

GUI and Graphics


The app is less than 3MB and it asks for login via facebook or creating a new account. You can enter the app via anything. The good thing about the app is that is will never post on your facebook page without your permission, but will only retrieve your personal data for your own smooth functionality.

The GUI feels good in Tablet too, not a single glitch was found. As soon as you log in to the app, you will be shown with your mobile tickets on the screen that you sent to

Here is the video explaining about Trip38 the app. Bon Voyage.

Trip 38 is available in  Android  |  iTunes  |  Windows