mYwindow, a Mobile First Selling Platform helps you sell anything with a Click




Creating digital goods is just half the work done, selling it effortlessly is something which every seller wants to be able to do. When smart people encounter problems, they not only solve theirs, but create a platform that solves it for thousands across the globe.

Nikunj Agawal and Veer Mishra, friends since 13 years now, created their first startup oasIs productions pvt. ltd. where they made a lot of short films and did many corporate documentaries. Being successful in creative fields, they realized how difficult it is to sell anything to the audience.

“Designers, Film makers, Artists find it very difficult to monetize online and we thought we should handle this and let the artists focus on just creating awesome stuff”, says Veer COO mYwindow on the idea behind the startup. mYwindow was originally launched in August last year and had some major changes since then. Officially, the platform pivots on Jan 6th 2014.

Sell anything with a Click

With mYwindow, you can sell  digital goods like design, software, ebooks, photos, or even a link.

Process is fairly simple:
Add a Product —> You get a unique link —> Share the unique link within your community —-> & Your money is here!

Anything can be sold via the seller’s website, by appending the unique link mYwindow provides to it’s sellers. The buyers pay at a unique link and there are no check out pages.  The money is deposited directly in the seller’s bank account. The platform securely  serves file downloads to the buyers, handle refunds,disputed charges and provide huge security to the seller’s content.

“mYwindow is a mobile first platform, with iOS and Android Applications ready to serve the audience. We are the only ones to take pre-orders in India and have lowest per-transaction commission”, says Veer on the USP over similar selling platforms.

mYwindow has neat analytics that gives sellers unconverted views, in-built instant messaging with buyers and the devices/sources of your buyers.

Next time you plan to sell something digital, do surely give  mYwindow a try.