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If 51.2% smartphone users have Android, 43.5% of the users love iOS and 5.3% users have another operating system, what could be the best thing when the best app is available for more than 50% users. AirStream is an app where you can flawlessly play, listen, control and do anything with your computer via your smartphone. AirStream allows the user to have full control of his Laptop with remote sharing feature it provides via smartphone.

About Developer:

Nityaa Labs was started in 2010 by us (Jitin Pillai & Agnimitra Pathak) straight after their college and currently are a 7 people team based in Pune. Team was a part of GSF Accelerator batch 2 (incubated & funded by them). AirStream crossed 150,000+ downloads on Android till date. People from all over the world are using AirStream, especially from US & Europe.

Let us take an example, your brother/sister is too much into presentation that they ought to complete by night and you are sitting dull without your laptop. Make sure you have downloaded AirStream in your laptop and kept it activated(Step 3). Do not tell your siblings or else he might disable this God feature. Anyways, here are the steps you shall follow to watch Kung Fu Panda behind the scenes (assuming you have laptop with yourself while installing AirStream, obviously):

Step 1: Download AirStream on your Smartphone and on your PC


Step 2: Now open AirStream in your mobile, and search for your PC (try without login)

Step 3: Click on the name of your PC that appears in the above figure (make sure AirStream is turned on your Laptop/PC with notification icon in the tray)

Step 4: Browse your laptop via Smartphone!


Step 5: Watch Kung Fu Panda while it buffers. We recommend MX Player.

kung fu panda airstream

Till now, you must have a clear view why AirStream is necessary. Now let us discuss it’s mind blowing features:

1) Total freedom to remotely access your computer from your smartphone without any glitch with peer-to-peer technology. It just need to be under the hood of same Wi-Fi/home network

2) They do not make copies of sensitive data in their server.

3) More user friendly than using Dropbox. Installation on PC as well as Android is also not much of a concern.

4) Unlike AirDroid or Superbeam, you dont need to login in AirStream. You have an option of “try without login” in smartphone as well as PC.

5) Press long to copy documents or any type of file to your SD card


6)  Create music playlist for music stored in your computers.

7) Automatically connects to computers in your network when you enable the login feature.

8) Restrict access to your Personal files from PC.

9) Free. No in-purchases as well.

10) Since it is peer-to-peer, the speed of buffering videos and file transfers in your smartphone is extremely fast in 3G and 4G.

11) Not many apps are available in Play Store which provides a feature to remotely access your PC via smartphones, though there are apps for the reverse.

12) jar format available.

13) Available in Mac, Windows and Linux PCs

14) The best thing about AirStream is that – the only reason your internet bandwidth will be depleted will be because of your login attempts and file sharing, browsing and bufferering. As mentioned, they do not take sensitive informations from you. No geolocation craps and no snapchat database.


Drawbacks of AirStream?

1) This app is only meant for accessing PC with your smartphone, you cannot access your smartphone with your PC.

2) You HAVE to install AirStream-Suite on your computer. There is no option of using it through your browser unlike Bump and AirDroid.

3) Dangerous if you have enabled public sharing feature while installing it on your PC. It might happen that sensitive information may get stolen from you. Please use the login feature that they have provided to avoid hacking.

4) Would have done a great leap if it were to be available in iOS and Windows store.

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