Transferring video tapes to DVD before it’s too late


It’s not a terrible idea to get your VHS tapes transferred onto DVD before they deteriorate in quality too much. You can have titles and chapters included in the DVD and even get rid of the VHS flicker as well, so consider making the transfer today.


For many years now DVD has been the best format for watching films, and that is because it does not deteriorate in quality, it is robust and allows for easy watching on a number of different devices. The VHS tapes that we all used to have are now ancient in technological terms – it’s also not a particularly good format because it loses quality, there is a constant flicker, and it can also be frustrating having to rewind all the way to the beginning every time you want to watch. Although it is a format that can and has been improved upon, there is a good chance that we still all have tapes that we like to watch, but this involves finding and setting up the VHS player every time you want to do so. It could be some old films that you have, and a lot of families also have old home movies of holidays, birthdays, Christmases and more, all precious memories that you want to be able to enjoy for years to come.

Unfortunately with VHS this will not be possible, as after a while they will become unwatchable and VHS players are largely now out of production. Do not panic though, as there is a solution to this problem which will also make it much easier and enjoyable to watch the footage. It is now possible to get this old footage transferred onto a DVD – this can easily be done by specialists who can put any kind of film footage onto a disc for you. It is completely safe and it will even improve the footage too, which is why so many owners of old VHS tapes are now coming to these companies. They can carry on enjoying films for many years to come, with the quality remaining the same over this time too.

Transfer companies can improve on the VHS tape by transferring sound files, cropping the image, editing out blank parts, making multiple copies, adding menus and chapters for easier control plus more. They will even be able to get rid of the flicker that you get with VHS tapes, and make it a much sharper and clearer image which if course is a huge bonus. The main advantage, though, is that you will be safe in the knowledge that you can easily enjoy these films for many years to come – with multiple copies you do not have to worry about losing them.

If you have some old footage that you want to preserve and be able to easily watch then contact a company today that can offer transferring video tapes to DVD services, and you will be highly impressed with the final piece. Make sure you do this sooner rather than later, as it would be a horrible feeling to go to watch one of your favourite tapes only for it to be terrible quality and unwatchable. You’ll never have to worry about with the DVD format, so get on it today.