Kindle Is Now Available At EMI Starting from Rs 500; Valid Only for 2 Weeks

kindle EMI

kindle EMI

Amazon has pulled off an attractive EMI scheme to help sell more Kindles in India. Book lovers can now buy Kindle for as low as Rs 500/month!

This new EMI option is valid only for the next 2 weeks, and you can buy Old Kindle, Kindle PaperWhite as well as the new Kindle Fire using this EMI offer.

As per the press release sent in by Amazon, only three banks are authorized to convert online Kindle purchase into EMI: ICICI Bank, HDFC and CITI Bank. The EMI offer is only valid if the buyer purchases Kindle from and the installments can be converted into three, six, nine and twelve month period. In case a buyer goes for offline purchase, then besides these three banks, there are 6 more banks which can support EMI scheme. Buyers can choose from more than 250 retail outlets from all over India.

This special EMI offer is only valid till April 15th.

Additionally, to entice the buyer, Amazon has also announced special prices for all its Kindle products.

New Gen Paperwhite Kindle will be priced at Rs 10,080 as against its original price of Rs 10,999 and the basic Kindle model will be priced at Rs 5600 as against the original price of Rs 5999. EMI on these Kindle products would be Rs 900 and Rs 500 for 12 months period.

Right now, India is standing at a threshold of tremendous explosion in the usage of tablets and ebook readers are a special niche which Amazon wants to desperately target. Kobo, another ebook reader has already made an in-road into the Indian market and Amazon is trying real hard to capture maximum market penetration.

Last year, Amazon had introduced an amazing offer for ebook readers when it launched 99 eBooks under Rs 99 each. This offer generated quite a buzz among all book lovers in India. Amazon is trying to remove all obstacles when it comes to selling ebook readers so that more and more units are sold. For example, the previous versions of Kindle didn’t have 3G access of Internet, and Wi-Fi was the only option to download books. But the new Kindle Paperwhite has both Wi-Fi and 3G options to access Internet, which makes it more appealing and user-friendly for the Internet savvy tablet user.

You can view all EMI options on Kndle at:

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