Who is the Trump in the Power Play election card? Find out by playing SaddaHaq Power Play!


10 years ago if you remember Robert Small, the founder of Miniclip.com glorified flash games. He started this from his own bedroom. If you have lived a life that is full of game, you will of course remember the George Bush flash game? Robert Small revutionalised the flash game and it was that era where the flash game escalated to PC games, PC games to XBox and PS, and then to Androids. Here we are folks, welcome to 2014 where SaddaHaqMedia have developed a mind blowing app Power Play.

According to SaddaHaq the app is built for First Time Voters. Frankly speaking, Power Play is made to target the youth India. Call it entertainment or call it education, Power Play  is not only built for FTVs, it is made for all age group. Funda of Power Play is to impart education with entertainment being the higher priority. In your childhood if you have played the trump cards, then i don’t need to tell how power play works. There have been websites which include the concept of imparting politicians’ knowledge to us. Many of them have failed because they lacked entertainment.

Screenshot_2014-04-08-22-27-29 (Mobile)

Power play has the database of all the Indian politicians. Power play has stored age, assets and criminal record in numbers and this number constitutes the trump card. Funny game loaded with education as you have to play with the card name containing name of politician, their age, sex, education level, assets, number of crimes etc. To call any of the feature, you need to tap the specific feature. Suppose if you choose asset, then you will lose if opposing party has lesser asset and so on. You already know how to play trump card, you already are the First Time Voter, so basically you will love this app.

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