Never Miss A Train With RailYatri App


Good things about RailYatri:

1) The menu is crystal clear with normal fonts. Every feature you are about to intercept is mentioned in the menu, nothing extra. This indeed is an awesome thing about RailYatri. Because other apps use lethargic appearances, but RailYatri is cautious about its looks. Features include Live train status, Live arrival/dep, GPS train tracker, Speed check of the train, RailWisdom, TimeTable, PNR status

Screenshot_2014-04-11-22-49-28 (Mobile)

2) Your recent activity is showcased the moment you open RailYatri. So no worries or retrieve history or screenshots. Also, without turning on the GPS, RailYatri can tell you your exact location in their homepage. Want more? How about “Live departure”

Screenshot_2014-04-11-22-49-09 (Mobile)

3) Causes and precautions are set up to prevent women all over country. Android and iOS apps are made telling girls to keep pepper spray instead of lipsticks. RailYati gives you a wisdom thought everyday. Also, you can search for nearby hot spots of the desired junction. Police, tourist, food, anything.  Rail Wisdom puts all information related to train stations under one roof for instance amenities like wheel chairs, retiring rooms, waiting rooms, station master contact details, hand pushed trolleys etc. It is one of the most unique and widely used features of RailYatri android app. This feature is extremely useful if you are visiting the city for the first time.

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4) Live status can be seen. Whether train is late or not or early is clearly shown

Screenshot_2014-04-11-23-00-33 (Mobile)

5) There is no room for error, either train is available or train is not. The precise Os and 1s of this app makes it more lovely.

6) Turn off the light because people want to sleep in your coach. You cant see the window nor go to hte door because you re lazy. If you are on the train, click to find where you are. If you are not the train, click to find where your friends are.

Screenshot_2014-04-11-22-58-09 (Mobile)

7) Totally free, No ads. Best thing that can happen.

Not-so-good things about RailYatri:

1) They need to work on their website. It looks pretty outdated to youngsters that want to contact RailYatri for any reason.

2) Call it a demerit or merit, GPS is required which means greater use of data pack. Not so good thing about a poor chap having a 48 hour journey.

3) Speed test still in beta mode. Not accurate or not active feature right now.

Screenshot_2014-04-11-22-53-04 (Mobile)

4) Pressing back button after entering menus exits the RailYatri app. It does not asks for exit too.

5) For checking train status, stations and other inquiries, RailYatri uses website RSS feed. Maybe your bandwidth may deplete more with advertisement.

End of story

As of today, RailYatri is the best android app avaiable for you right now in the market. RailYatri has so much features that you cant even imagine. You forcibly take your wallets with you while going on a window shopping. Same is the case with RailYatri’s  Indian Rail IRCTC Train app, it is a must have app. If you want to travel like a pro all over India, download RailYatri’s Indian Rail IRCTC Train app now.