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Managing a startup on your own is quite exhausting. Making decisions, managing the clients, taking care of the team, and numerous other things do become tiresome for an individual entrepreneur. When they fail to find like-minded people, they tend to continue the business on their own. But is it possible to find the perfect co-founder? With the launch of, the answer is yes!

About is a cross-dimensional platform that enables entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals to form teams and companies. Connecting with people at is very easy. No friend requests, no permissions. You can directly search people and message them. The startup was launched in August 2013 and has seen a very good traction so far. Currently, there are 2,000+ registered users. Many of them have started working together.

“The biggest challenge was to create awareness about such platform and challenging the traditional ways of networking which we eliminated here.”, says Robin Gupta, co-founder. As for marketing, team focuses on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Highly active on Quora, the startup uses SEO techniques as well. The startup is bootstrapped by the founders. They will now opt for a paid version with better features. The user will have to pay a nominal fees.

Founders, accomplishments and future plans

Ashutosh Mishra and Robin Gupta
Ashutosh Mishra and Robin Gupta

Robin Gupta is a serial entrepreneur with a 5 year experience in media, retail and e-commerce. Ashutosh is a hardcore techie and has been associated with many government projects. A new feature to find Cofounder opportunity in India was recently updated on the website. It is a 2 way communication feature where the user can easily connect with other members. As for future plans, Robin says, “Now, we are going global and coming in mainstream with ‘Collaboration’ in focus. We will be launching an extension to where we will be targeting masses so that individuals can collaborate with each other to work on something.”

TTP’s Take

The idea sounds interesting. lets you directly connect with like-minded people, which will save a lot of time and efforts. Apparently, the startup will have to use strong marketing strategies to attract more user. We wish all the very best!