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Before you go on reading this article, I would like to clear your mind with the fact that this is not just another Cricket News Feed app. There are various football news apps, one of them being OneFootball where I have been the beta tester and users can actually rely on the app. Calling CricLive as the best alternative for Cricbuzz is not true, as CricLive is new and has to be tested extensively. You can follow Pepsi IPL 7 to get latest scores and team stats too. CricLive is delevolped by AKI Technologies, the makers of Call Looper, whose review you saw on TheTechPanda recently.

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Jut before IPL T20, this app was launched to create buzz around cricket fads. CricLive guarantee to show real time live scores on your phone. As we all know, 10-15 minute of score delay in T20 can be hazardours, CricLive tried to sqash this bug. Thus, CricLive has You can now stay updated with all the Cricket matches around the world, be it small or big. Screenshot_2014-04-17-02-33-56Screenshot_2014-04-17-02-38-11Ashutosh Valani being a huge cricket fan himself came up with this idea again. Simple and classy UI of CricLive is the result of his experience with his previous apps.

So how is CricLive different?

CricLive gives you the accurate scores within no time as compared with other apps in the play store or in app store.

Generally, you see the scores of the matches running on a thin strip or sometimes you have to go deep inside to check the scoreboard on other apps. CricLive has reduced this workload of yours. As soon as you open CricLive, you get the Live scores in front of you of all the matches happening right now.

If you are in a train or plane, all you need to do is just open the application and voila, the scores are in front of you. As already mentioned, other apps take more than 10 minutes to update their scores, CricLive is superfast.

Dragging back, you dont even need to open CricLive app. CricLive app allows users to make a short cut homepage widget, so that they do not have to enter the app everytime in order to check the scores. Scores are being updated on their screen in realtime

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Just as lightweight as it seems, the size of CricLive is 1.5MB on your smartphone. All you need to do is rely on your networking usage. As an honest review, we strongly recommend CricLive to all our readers to get themselves updated with cricket scores anytime.

Stop searching for cricket score live apps or about team or about players. With features like player information and team infrmation, other features include detailed scorecard, news and updates.

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