Keep Calm, let find tweets for you


Why people follow people in twitter? Why hashtags are “hashtags” to your eyes? Because the world wants to know the top stories rather apart from trending. Because the intensity of luminosity it the highest when something great is about to happen – and you better know than anyone what is about to happen!

Suppose you are a Tennis fad. What do you do? You like Nadal Facebook page and follow him on twitter. Following him is not the end of story, a good etiquette tells you to keep yourself updated with top stories in Tennis. While you are reading this article, i bet you haven’t heard of You want what you want? You get what you want via Unherd. is a website from which you can authenticate your twitter account, will use its magic, they will find out what you are currently following, and then show you the more and best optimized top stories from people you are following. After you read this article, you will conclude that Unherd is a powerful application that has ability to enhance how you use twitter.

Get A Life People! Follow some people…

What if Facebook had a dislike button? If you can nod your head, then can you imagine what if twitter had “top stories” section like it is there in facebook! Team @ unherd have developed this concept over a cup of coffee. If twitter does not gives you top tweets, then they decided to build this program where you can find top stories like in facebook. All you have to do is log in.

[pullquote align=”right”]We bet that your retweets, replies, favorites will all go up in the next few days when you continue using Unherd for couple of days – @jipy9.[/pullquote]The founder of Unherd is Ashrujit Mohanty and you can follow him here – @jipy9DO NOT get yourself confused with application and websites like MyTopTweet with Unherd. MyTopTweet tracks your best engaged tweet in public and Unherd shows you top stories by people you follow. Unherd has a totally different concept and far better than any other “know what top stories are” web applications. Such a beauty to see their algorithm how they work 🙂

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