Spiker.co – New Wave in Social Media World

Social Media

In current digital world, we spend average 1-2 hours every day on social media sites like Facebook or Google Plus posting content, pictures or videos. These social sites are just a medium for us to share our life stories with friends and family members but these sites make serious money from our content through advertisement. But Spiker.co has introduced an innovative win-win concept in social media world: Use advertisement revenue to pay users for their social activities and connections.

Social Media

Spiker.co is an invitation based social platform, planning to launch with limited audience in Sep’15. Spiker.co claims to be “Next-Generation Social” and trending hot in social media world.

Spiker team is working heads down to launch some innovative features for users, which will be a game changer in social world. There philosophy is to reward users by sharing their revenue, which creates unique and valuable content. They understand that unique content is king in this e-world.

How It Works

Spiker.co will share 70% of the advertisement revenue generated from your posted content like pictures, articles, blog or stories. If your content goes viral than you will definitely make more money compared to other users. There will be other moneymaking opportunities for users like product/app paid surveys, referral payout (invite friends) and social activities contests.

Success mantra for user is to keep growing their social connections by inviting friends/followers, posting interesting content and being socially active.

There are some creative features for users, which Spiker team doesn’t want to disclose right now but they claim that those features will make user life easier and bring interesting twist in social media world.

Spiker.co is on an innovative path here; they have a roadmap in which they are planning to launch creative concepts one after another for users and their advertisement partners to strengthen their win-win social concept.

Registration invitation code will be sent to only limited random users so I would recommend that don’t wait and apply today for invitation code @ http://spiker.co