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getmyuni review

getmyuni review

There is, perhaps for most of us, no teenage-life decision that is more thought provoking and rest-of-you life oriented – or disoriented — than the choice of our college. Choosing a college is not only dependent on one’s interests and intentions, but also on which college is best for them or at least suits their requirements. But, with so many options a young girl/boy is bound to get confused. Students in India, today, have access to college websites and other sites like Shiksha, HT campus etc. But, is that truly enough?

Due to the possible positive or negative effect of THAT choice of college on a students experience and the final outcome, it is important to get at least second hand influence if not first hand. There is where, GetMyUni comes into the picture. GetMyuni provides student written reviews, ratings and even insights to the aspirants to help them make the right decision.

The Competition

GetMyUni’s vision is to be a global college portal, which will help students all over the world in their gut wrenching process of choosing their college. Students today have sites like Shiksha, HT Campus at their disposal. But, what they lack is the personal touch as most of the information from college websites. They are essentially data aggregators. Opinion of existing students, what they feel about the college makes GetMyUni more authentic.

Similarly colleges face a huge challenge in recruiting students. There is a huge gap between the right student and the right college and that is the problem Getmyuni is addressing. Other industries are a proof that extremely high can be created by crowdsourcing content (eg: Tripadvisor, Yelp, Zomato, Glassdoor) and the education industry is ripe for this concept.

But, then we have forums like Pagalguy, which provides personalized information about the college but they are generally scattered over threads. GetMyUni provides exhaustive fact based information in an organized manner. GetMyUni also has additional features like the study abroad option.

The Team

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job & determination; we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. And the three people behind the venture are:

L-R: Hardik Thakkar, Om Shanker, Upneet Grover

The Product Guy: Mr. Upneet Grover, a FMS graduate with prior experience with firms like Deloitte Consulting & TimesGroup.

The Sales Guy: Mr Hardik Thakkar is an ESSEC, France graduate and has prior experience with Thales Group (France), Alstom (France).

The Tech Guy: Mr. Om Shankar, BIT Mesra graduate is a full stack PhP developer with hands on experience building great products since his college days.