How to Combine PDF files using Docs.Zone


Combining files into a single PDF (Portable Document Format) is easy to use because everything gets compiled in one large file. It keeps the file folders in the computer clutter-free. In addition, this information can be passed easily to someone, who requests to see everything in a single document. When you scan the large document, each page will be displayed as a separate file.


Docs.Zone is designed for less tech savvy people. This document conversion services solves each user’s issues rapidly in comparison to other tools and methods. This means there is no need to try out different converters for attaining optimal results or install separate conversion tool for every kind of document or stay connected with MS Office only. Docs.Zone is all-in-one means for converting Office documents into PDF format without alterations to its original layout.

Docs.Zone covers a comprehensive conversion suite that includes –

  • Conversion of Office documents like Excel, PowerPoint and Word into PDF
  • Convert PDF into Excel and Word files
  • Merge multiple documents into one PDF file easily and quickly
  • Lengthy web page conversion to PDF
  • Change PDF into JPG images instantly with superior quality

How to merge different files into a single PDF?

Docs.Zone website includes a comprehensive instruction aspect that can be found easily below the selected tab. Steps to follow are:

  • Enter Zone website
  • Create an account or sign in using a password
  • Select the Combine PDF files tab
  • Now click on ‘Select files’ tab
  • A dialogue box will be displayed, navigate through it and select the files that need to be merged
  • Use ‘Add files’ button to add more files, which can be in any format, besides PDF
  • Click ‘Start’ button and the merging process starts
  • Final file will appear in your ‘Inbox’, which will be available only for 6 hours, after conversion
  • For retrieving the converted PDF, click on ‘Download’ tab, located next to file name
  • If there is no need of the PDF click on a small cross (x) besides the file name

Advantages of PDF conversions at Docs.Zone

  • No need to install the software – Docs.Zone is an online conversion service, so there is no need to download the software and install. You just need to get registered and start using it, that SIMPLE.
  • Created quickly and easily – The PDF process is intended to maintain today’s fast paced and extremely demanding workload. PDF conversions hardly take time. A few clicks and mail those drafted documents, create your files electronic versions and manage the workloads accurately.
  • Securable – Business owners are obviously concerned about the security aspect. User access can be customized or signed digitally for verifying its authenticity. PDF files are safe from getting infected with Trojan or virus. Thus this is a trusted way of sharing vital official documents. Docs.Zone respects user’s confidentiality and does not see their users file content or shares it with third parties.
  • Allows file compression – This feature is helpful in graphic laden documents. You can obtain small documents with no decline in quality level as well as make the uploading process faster.