Review Of HelloTalk App – Connects You To A Native Language Speaker For Real Practice


A number of resources and course books can be found easily on both online and at the local stores. These offer vocabulary list, exercises and grammar rules related to the language you desire to learn. The challenging part is that there are hardly any resources that teach you how to speak the targeted language.


In the beginning, books can be helpful, but for practice, presence of genuine native speaker is crucial. Direct verbal practice is needed. HelloTalk App is designed to help you to learn and practice new languages, where teachers are native speakers.

Explore HelloTalk virtually, sign up for free, and enjoy the intuitive interface.

Key features included in the app –

  • Text chat
  • Voice chat
  • Doodle share
  • Camera share
  • Smileys

Other features are new message notification, text size settings and GPS location. Specific features to learn language like translation, transliteration as well as voice recognition (helps to write or speak the desired language). Bookmark exchanges for studying later on or the entire chat can be saved for reference.

Share artistic talent

Phone feature allows you to share cultural diversity with the language partner. With doodle option, you can learn even more. For example, you do not know the word ‘dog’ then just draw a picture or take variety of images and try to express it for language practice

Learn multiple languages simultaneously

You can have a chat in more than one language, simultaneously. All the latest chats can be seen on the home screen. You do not have to use the setting for changing the targeted language.

HelloTalk app is compatible with iOS and Android, so it can be good for iPhone and other Smartphones, or iPad & tablets.

Use voice synthesizer

Voice recognition system allows you to speak. The system makes an effort to understand you and converts the sentence into text, which can be sent to your language colleague. Thus, you can practice speaking without feeling embarrassed of how you sound. Reply can be opted for using text or voice feature. For text, use text-to-voice feature and the voice synthesizer will replicate the dialect.

Benefit of this feature varies depending on the targeted language, how you imitate the native speaker and not to forget the limitations of voice recognition system.

Find language partner nearby

Language partner living near you is helpful. You can meet them personally and take some time off from online learning sessions. HelloTalk includes an option for specific local searches. HelloTalk app users are in millions and you are sure to find one in your locality.

Automatic translation

Transliteration feature allows users to see Romanized pronunciation instantly, when the native speaker writes or comments. This automatic translation feature helps to keep conversations flowing smoothly, as there is no need to open another app for attaining the translation. Highlighting the partners reply for correction, so as to help them improve, is another cool feature.

With all that this app has to offer, you will be able to learn to speak and write any language you want in the shortest time.