Nuvolat to Power its Own Cloud Offering

Cloud Servers

In a world full of As-a-Service offerings many IT Service providers try to win their spot in the Cloud area and start reselling the third party Cloud Offerings without really knowing to what this will lead. Definitely not to safeguarding some solid recurring revenue from the reselling margins. Giants like Amazon, Rackspace, VMware and others have maneuvered themselves into a position where they can dictate the market, include the reseller’s margin.

Cloud Servers

When IT Service provider decided they had to move from a traditional IT Service provider to a Cloud Service provider they wanted to keep full control of their offering. They wanted to make sure that they could continue to offer the personal service to their customers like they have always done. At no point in time did they want to reduce or only even change the service to their customers.

“Stratus Concept has worked very hard to build its customer relationships, these customers trust our guidance. We do not want to introduce any offering where we would not be able to commit on our customer’s relation”, Pete Salerno – CEO Stratus Concept- explains.

“With this in mind, normal reselling of Cloud Services was not really what we were after”, Pete continues.

There are a lot of examples where IT Service providers start out by reselling because it is simple and fast. But in the end, a lot of them end up handing over their carefully built customer relation on a silver plate to the Cloud owner.

Something that really convinced us was the actual Marketing support that Nuvolat adds to the table

Often, when you are changing or adding products to your portfolio, you see that your current business models and processes are not always sufficient to guarantee a smooth market entry. You sometimes make the mistake of adding a new product to your offering and assume it will sell by itself. Although this does sound obvious, it is a mistake made often. Even an iPhone only sells when there is sufficient effort put in the selling process.

Nuvolat offers to run the complete process for you. Nuvolat does anything from creating collateral, creating websites, creating leads and actively reaching out to these prospects. So with the Nuvolat service, I did not only add a new product to my portfolio, I add a complete team of resources to sell my product.