5 essentials to build a more comfortable and productive work-from-home setup

Despite rising trends to return to the office, workers still largely favor working from home and having flexible hours over a better salary. It’s hard to blame them. You can skip the long commute and endless traffic — precious time to make breakfast, refresh, and get ready for a new day at your home office.

Working hybrid or fully skipping the office also means you can curate your space however you want. Gone are the days when the home office was a dark, disorganized corner in a guest room. In recent years, it has become a sanctuary of sorts with a fully custom-made desk area; you want to work with two screens? You got it. Want an air purifier instead of a scary industrial air conditioning? It’s all yours.

Slowly but surely, people have built their ideal WFH setups, which has helped increase their efficiency and comfort while working. However, some elements you might be missing are critical to staying cozy yet productive. Let’s see what those are.

1. nerdytec’s Couchmaster® CYWORX

nerdytec Couchmaster. Image credit: nerdytec

The German company nerdytec has made it its mission to deliver comfort to every remote worker; not from their desk, but their couch! The Couchmaster® CYWORX is the perfect couch desk for when you’re looking to mix things up and work from your sofa instead.

Its design is simple yet elegant, with sophisticated and durable materials, including sustainable bamboo wood with a ventilation grid and soft cushions to rest your arms while you use your laptop. Plus, it has an ample working surface to place a tablet, phone, and other objects next to your laptop. The CYWORX is also carefully designed so that users can adopt an ergonomic position to maximize comfort and reduce back and neck strain while working. What’s not to like?

2. This Etsy year-long chalkboard calendar

Etsy year-long chalkboard.

Was your New Year’s resolution to be more organized at home? There’s no better fix than a calendar to get started. It’s not too late to begin organizing your schedule with this year-long chalkboard calendar, skirting a customizable frame ready to hang.

This board from Circle & Square Decor and sold on Etsy is set to help you visualize your upcoming commitments so you don’t miss anything all year round.

The calendar’s sleek black finish will give your home office a more refined aesthetic, and the good thing is you can use it for years on end.

Its durable material will last a long time, and the chalks included feature vibrant colors to give it a more appealing look. You’ll also support a small business with quality products and great customer service!

3. Dyson’s Solarcycle Morph™ desk light

Solarcycle Morph™. Image courtesy of Dyson.

We shouldn’t take lighting for granted. The American Psychological Association agrees that controlling your lighting when working makes you more upbeat and committed to work while improving your well-being.

And as we all know, Dyson never misses an opportunity for excellence. Now, they’re innovating in the lighting market with a practical yet beautiful desk light that adapts to your WFH needs. 

The Solarcycle Morph™, as its name suggests, adjusts to natural light with a GPS-driven algorithm that indicates the sun’s position from your location. So, the light changes temperature and intensity throughout the day to give you a heightened sense of sunlight on your desk. It also has task, indirect, and ambient lighting modes that you can adjust during and after work.

While pricey, reviews for this desk light rave about another successful Dyson product that brings aesthetic pleasure and high functionality into your WFH setup.

4. Techko’s solar hanging lantern

Solar hanging lantern. Image credit Techko.

After an exhausting day working from home, it’s always a good idea to disconnect.

And, what better way to do that than stepping on your patio or porch to enchanting and cozy lanterns?

With Techko’s solar-powered hanging lantern embracing a vintage design and flickering candle, you’ll instantly feel like you’re in a cabin in the woods (or perhaps you already are!).

This lantern isn’t just self-sustainable to last 12 hours on a full charge, but it also has a beautiful design that will improve the look of any outdoor space.

The magical vibes from its soft candlelight transform the ambiance into a romantic and relaxing place, transporting you to a much calmer mental space to de-stress after you’re done with work.

5. Ninja’s CP307 hot and cold brewed system

Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System. Image credit: Amazon/Ninja.

If there’s something remote workers miss from the office, it’s the endless supply of coffee. That won’t be a problem with Ninja’s hot and cold brewer.

This stylish machine brews coffee and any type of tea, hot or cold, in up to 15 minutes, delivering the barista experience right at home.

The system has six different cup sizes and five brewing types to make your beverage anything from rich to classic.

Plus, its thermal carafe keeps your drink hot for up to two hours without a warming plate needed — no need to repeatedly make coffee or tea throughout the day.

What are you waiting for to take your WFH setup from good to incredible? These five items are becoming household essentials for those who like to do remote work the right way. From organization to visual appeal, these elements have everything you need to improve your home office to make it a more comfortable and productive space.

Sarah Valencia

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