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Cloud security: Multiple innovations to AI Data Protection

Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZS), the cloud security platform, announced multiple innovations to its AI Data Protection Platform that leverage the world’s largest security cloud and the power of AI. These innovations make Zscaler’s AI Data Protection platform the industry’s most comprehensive data protection solution.

“There is an immediate and critical need for a consolidated approach to data protection that can secure all types of data, in all locations, while streamlining security operations,” said Moinul Khan, Vice President and General Manager, Data Protection, Zscaler. “Great data protection starts with complete visibility. Point products create complexity and security gaps, and do not provide a full 360-degree view of your enterprise data. With today’s launch of the Zscaler AI Data Protection Platform, we are continuing our commitment to help customers see all their data and scale security protection to prevent leaks. By enabling data security across structured and unstructured data and all channels with our comprehensive data protection platform, organizations can replace multiple legacy point products to reduce cost and complexity.”

The Why

Data protection is a top priority for all organizations that must protect intellectual property and customers’ data from malicious insiders, accidental data loss, and bad actors. The problem is compounded with the expanding threat of new shadow AI, ransomware, and increased cloud usage. According to the 2024 ThreatLabz AI Report, enterprise AI/ML transactions grew by nearly 600% from April 2023 to January 2024, despite mounting security risks. 


  • Natively integrated Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), engineered as a central part of Zscaler’s data protection platform that discovers, classifies, and protects sensitive data in public clouds such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Context-rich GenAI App Security with user and risk correlation providing insights to risky prompts, AI app usage, and granular policy controls.
  • New, real-time Email DLP for securing sensitive data across corporate email including Microsoft 365 and Google Gmail – one of the most problematic insider threat vectors.
  • Consolidated Unified SaaS Security, which integrates traditionally stand-alone technologies such as, SSPM, SaaS Supply Chain Security, Out-of-Band API CASB Security and analysis of deep user activities, to deliver a highly accurate correlation engine. This engine provides powerful, actionable insights for SaaS data, enabling proactive risk management and mitigation.
  • Expanded AI Auto Data Discovery to encompass all data-at-rest locations, including Endpoint, SaaS, and Public Cloud Infrastructure. This expansion streamlines legacy data protection programs by reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

AI: A Revolutionary AI Assistant for Legal Professionals in India

In an exciting development for the legal sector, LawyerDesk Advocacy Private Limited, launched, an AI application designed specifically for Indian legal professionals. Legal professionals can quickly integrate this AI assistant into their existing workflows by visiting the application’s website.

“Our vision for was to create a tool that acts as a force multiplier for legal professionals,” explained Anushita S P Karunakaram, Co-Founder & CEO of Lawyer Desk. “With this launch, we aim to empower lawyers by significantly reducing the time spent on research and documentation tasks, thereby allowing them to concentrate on more strategic aspects of their work.”

The Why is not just another tool; it’s a revolutionary approach to legal work. This AI-powered assistant helps streamline the multitude of tasks that lawyers face daily, from case research and documentation to client management and court procedures. By automating routine tasks, frees up lawyers to focus on their core duties—providing insightful legal advice and representing their clients effectively.


  • Drafting Skills: Automates the generation and management of legal documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Case Research: Provides quick access to a vast database of case laws and precedents, enabling thorough and efficient legal research.
  • Client Acquisitions: Enhances the ability to manage and grow client relationships through better resource allocation and communication tools.
  • Professional Connect: Offers networking opportunities that help lawyers connect with peers for collaboration and sharing best practices.
  • Practical Experience & Mentorship: Facilitates continual learning and professional development through expert guidance and resources.
  • Court Procedures: Assists lawyers in navigating complex court protocols and procedures with ease and confidence.
  • Easy Integration and Access: Legal professionals can quickly integrate this AI assistant into their existing workflows by scanning the QR code on promotional materials or visiting the application’s website. The user-friendly interface ensures that even those new to technology can easily adapt and begin realizing the benefits of immediately.

Blockchain: The new L2 Hyperchain built with the zkSync ZK Stack

Zeeve RaaS tied up with Memento as their chosen Rollups-as-a-Service provider for the new L2 Hyperchain built with the zkSync ZK Stack. The traditional financial sector often hesitates to fully adopt public blockchains due to security and customisation concerns. To address this, Memento is launching a new Hyperchain designed to provide a secure, customised and controlled blockchain environment for institutional players where dApps can thrive.

“Memento’s launch of layer 2 Hyperchain is a thoughtful decision for its institutional DeFi operations, where compliance and controlled experimentation meets innovation and the power of decentralised finance”, said Dr Ravi Chamria, co-founder and CEO of Zeeve. Zeeve also would ensure while serving all the above; we will remain committed to upholding ZKsync’s vision for the Hyperchain ecosystem, collaborating closely with its team to ensure strict compliance and alignment with its objectives.”

Utilising zkSync’s advanced ZK technology and recursive proofs, this Hyperchain effectively tackles scalability issues, enabling a trustless Layer2 chain that facilitates scalable, low-cost payments and transactions that ultimately settle on Ethereum. Memento’s adoption of the zkSync ZK Stack bridges the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain-based future, offering institutions the best of both worlds.


  • With custom features from Zeeve and the zkSync ZK Stack, the Memento Hyperchain offers a secure, compliance-driven environment through dual-layered KYC, eliminating bad actors.
  • EVM compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing Ethereum applications.
  • The integration of applications (like the Domani Protocol) supports the creation of more digital-native assets, reshaping institutional DeFi.
  • Powered by the ZK Stack framework, the Hyperchain provides scalability, customisation, and low latency through dedicated hyperbridges, unlocking the full potential of DeFi for institutions.

Video communication: Zoom becomes the first UCaaS company to offer a post-quantum E2EE solution for video conferencing

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) announced that post-quantum end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is now globally available for Zoom Workplace, specifically Zoom Meetings, with Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms coming soon. The launch of the new security enhancement makes Zoom the first UCaaS company to offer a post-quantum E2EE solution for video conferencing.

“Since we launched end-to-end encryption for Zoom Meetings in 2020 and Zoom Phone in 2022, we have seen customers increasingly use the feature, which demonstrates how important it is for us to offer our customers a secure platform that meets their unique needs,”  said Michael Adams, chief information security officer at Zoom. “With the launch of post-quantum E2EE,  we are doubling down on security and providing leading-edge features for users to help protect their data. At Zoom, we continuously adapt as the security threat landscape evolves, with the goal of keeping our users protected.”

The Why

As adversarial threats become more sophisticated, so does the need to safeguard user data. In certain circumstances, attackers may have the ability to capture encrypted network traffic now, with the intent to decrypt it later when quantum computers become more advanced — a scenario often referred to as “harvest now, decrypt later”.  So, while powerful quantum computers with this capability are not yet generally available, Zoom has taken a proactive stance by upgrading the algorithms designed to be able to withstand these potential future threats.


  • When users enable E2EE for their meetings, Zoom’s system is designed to provide only the participants with access to the encryption keys that are used to encrypt the meeting; this is the behavior for both post-quantum E2EE and standard E2EE.
  • Because Zoom’s servers do not have the necessary decryption key, encrypted data relayed through Zoom’s servers is indecipherable.
  • To defend against “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks, Zoom’s post-quantum E2E encryption uses Kyber 768, an algorithm being standardized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the Module Lattice-based Key Encapsulation Mechanism, or ML-KEM, in FIPS 203.

EdTech: ExamX & PlaceX to revolutionize digital examination & placement modules

Greatify, an EdTech startup launched its models ExamX and PlaceX to revolutionize digital examination and placement modules transforming the education ecosystem.

ExamX and PlaceX incorporate state-of-the-art AI capabilities and intuitive interfaces, revolutionizing assessment and placement processes for placement officers, students, and recruiters.

Dinesh Kumar Poobalan, CEO & CTO, Greatify said, “With a vision to revolutionise the education landscape, we are thrilled to introduce our new models ExamX and PlaceX. These innovative solutions are a testament to Greatify’s dedication to giving educators, students and management the tools they need to not only measure performance but to drive impactful learning outcomes. Both the modules are redefining the way educational assessments are used and placements are conducted. Our goal is to make institutions more efficient and effective, where every decision is backed by data, reducing the workload for teachers and management, improving learning outcomes for students and simplifying involvement for parents. By using our modules, we are expecting a significant transformation in the ecosystem.”


  • ExamX is an AI-based subjective evaluations & examinations comprehensive solutions software, with a dashboard available for admin, educators and students. These are also compatible with phones, tabs and laptops.
  • This platform leverages AI to transform assessments, ensuring secure, streamlined and intelligent testing, generating question banks, AI reports and analytics, Instant tests delivery along with stylus-based evaluation.
  • The software provides multi-layered security protocol, automated evaluation, adaptive testing, customisable exam format, complete digital transition reducing carbon footprint and instant analysis and reporting.
  • PlaceX features include centralised placement portal, recruitment process, robust data analytics, job posting and matching and AI integrated report generation.

Automation: MFG 360 designed to transform the manufacturing sector by automating

HostBooks, a company in integrated business solutions, introduced MFG 360°, its latest innovation designed to transform the manufacturing sector by automating and seamlessly integrating every aspect of production. This all-encompassing solution enhances financial management, optimizes operations, and streamlines inventory, supply chain, procurement, sales, and asset management.

“HostBooks MFG 360° is a game-changer for the manufacturing industry, offering unparalleled efficiency, strategic insights, and compliance assurance,” said Kapil Rana and Biswajit Mishra, founders of HostBooks. “Our solution empowers manufacturers to elevate productivity, streamline processes, and achieve sustainable growth.”

The Why

The manufacturing sector is experiencing significant growth, driven by advancements in technology and increasing global demand. According to recent reports, the global manufacturing market size is projected to reach $12.1 trillion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% from 2020. Integrating Industry 4.0 technologies, such as AI, and IOT is expected to boost productivity by 30% and reduce operational costs by 20% over the next five years. This rapid evolution is enhancing efficiency and fostering innovation, positioning the manufacturing industry for a future of sustained growth and transformation.


  • It includes financial management tools for streamlined costs and budgets, activity-based costing, and routing optimization to ensure efficient material movement.
  • The software provides strategic business analytics for data-driven insights, ensures financial and industry standards compliance, and facilitates accurate budgeting and forecasting.
  • Operations are optimized through workflow enhancements, AI-driven preventive actions, and efficient production planning.
  • The solution excels in inventory management, balancing stock levels and maintaining quality control, while enhancing supply chain visibility and predictive planning.
  • It integrates procurement and sales processes, manages customer and vendor relations, and oversees asset life-cycles to maximize utilization and minimize costs.

Fintech: A hassle-free, interoperable & accessible bill payments service to MSMEs

Tide in India, the business financial platform launched a Bill Payments feature in partnership with Setu powered by Bharat BillPay, by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). The feature will provide a hassle-free, interoperable and accessible bill payments service to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) across India.

Kumar Shekhar, Deputy Country Manager, Tide in India, said: “India’s dynamic SMEs fuel the country’s economic growth. Tide stands at the forefront of innovation to help them save time and money. Our Bill Payments feature alleviates the pain point that bill settlements pose for small business owners. With a focus on agility, convenience, ease of use, security and accessibility, we are committed to help simplify the bill payments experience for India’s MSMEs.”

The Why

To keep operating spends minimal, small business owners (typically employing 0-10 people) often end up using their personal account for personal and business spends, which invariably creates an accounting nightmare and reduces visibility on business expenditure. Tide Billpay will solve this common pain point for small business owners.


  • Tide’s Bill Payments will help MSMEs pay for a wide range of utilities, including electricity, gas, postpaid mobile and broadband bills as well as insurance premiums, loan instalments and municipal tax directly from Tide’s mobile app.
  • Bill Payments will provide quicker, more convenient and secure payments to small business owners. Users can choose from several payment methods that the Bharat Bill Payment System offers.
  • Tide Members (customers) will be able to track and trace their business-related payments and use the transaction history to easily identify categories of outgoing expenses for their business.
  • The feature employs cutting-edge security methods, such as encryption and authentication.
  • Members can access the new Tide feature 24/7 and will be able to make payments anytime, from anywhere.
  • As a digital-only service, the Tide business account can be opened anytime and anywhere in India.

AI: A Gen AI pitch deck builder to help startups generate a pitch deck within minutes

Impactful pitch, which provides fundraising services, launched This Gen AI pitch deck builder can help start-ups generate a pitch deck within minutes. It packs in all the elements essential for the start-up to create an investor-ready pitch deck. With an easy and intuitive input process, can design a personalized pitch deck without the need for a designer or content writer.

“Empowering entrepreneurs to craft their stories effortlessly, is revolutionizing the start-up landscape, making dreams tangible in a matter of moments,” says Nikhil Parmar, Founder & CEO of Impactful Pitch. “It’s not just about building pitch decks; it’s about catalyzing a wave of innovation that touches a billion lives.”

The Why

The presentation software market is booming, expected to grow from US$ 6,694.1 Million in 2024 to US$ 16,263.3 Million by 2031, driven by a 13.5% CAGR. AI is revolutionizing this landscape, with AI-powered presentation makers making the creation process faster and more efficient. Leveraging machine learning, these tools analyze data to craft personalized, engaging presentations. The expansive AI market, valued at around 200 billion U.S. dollars in 2023 and expected to exceed 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars by 2030, underscores the transformative potential of AI-driven solutions., as a Gen AI pitch deck builder, exemplifies this trend, empowering startups to effortlessly create investor-ready pitch decks and catalyze innovation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • Inputs like basic company information, product idea, brand name, logos, taglines and statistics need to be entered into the platform. Gen AI will process this information and will generate an entire pitch deck along with content & design.
  • The extensive library of design templates includes sleek, modern layouts or bold/colourful layouts which can be chosen to match the brand’s style and personality.
  • Customisation of these templates in terms of fonts, colours are also allowed via
  • Tailored Investment Pitch Deck: While many AI tools offer a range of presentations catering to various needs, stands out by focusing exclusively on crafting personalized investor-ready pitch decks.
  • Specialized for Entrepreneurs: It is designed with a laser focus on founders who prioritize having personalized investment-ready decks.
  • Personalization for Brand Alignment: It goes beyond cookie-cutter solutions by offering personalized investment decks that align seamlessly with each company’s unique brand story, colors, and narrative. This customization ensures that every pitch deck reflects the essence and personality of the startup, enhancing its appeal to potential investors.

Cloud gaming: A Cloud PC service to revolutionise how users play AAA games while running softwares & other applications on any device

OnePlay, a player in the cloud gaming industry, launched OneSpace, a Cloud PC service. This innovative addition to OnePlay’s cloud gaming platform promises to revolutionise how users play AAA games while also seamlessly running different softwares and other PC-related applications on any device.

Harshit Jain, Co-Founder & CEO of OnePlay said, “With OneSpace, we mark a new era of end-to-end cloud gaming and workspace that will change the way people view and use streaming. By providing access to a versatile platform, we are empowering not just gamers but all users to unlock the full potential of gaming and PC usage, without being limited by their hardware capabilities.”


  • OneSpace can be accessed through the OnePlay platform with new upcoming WebRTC Support for Linux, iPhone & IOS.
  • This gives users access to OnePlay’s expanding library of over 350+ games and applications, streamed directly to their devices.
  • Delivers unmatched performance to its users with 24GB DDR5 RAM, a 4-core, 8-thread CPU clocked at 4.3+ GHz, and 256GB+ NVMe SSD storage with built-in backup.
  • Ensures seamless connectivity with a Gigabit network connection for an exceptional browsing experience and supports high frame rates up to 120FPS and beyond, ideal for any high-end PC usage.
  • Delivers excellent performance per rupee and runs seamlessly on web browsers or the OnePlay platform.
  • Users can enjoy top-tier graphics supporting NVIDIA’s RTX, DLSS, and Frame Generation technologies.
  • Future scalability options will allow users to choose from different GPU models, configurations, and storage capacities to meet their specific needs.

AI: Qlik Talend Cloud & Qlik Answers to accelerate enterprise AI adoption

Qlik®, a data integration, analytics, and AI platform unveiled Qlik Talend® Cloud and Qlik Answers™ at its flagship annual event, Qlik Connect. These new solutions will accelerate enterprise AI adoption, with Qlik Talend Cloud delivering no-code to pro-code, AI-augmented data integration capabilities, and Qlik Answers offering AI-generated answers with full explainability from unstructured data.

“Qlik is accelerating AI’s business value with the launch of Qlik Talend Cloud and Qlik Answers,” said Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik. “These innovations position us to meet market opportunity for end-to-end, technology-agnostic AI solutions. Thanks to our well-placed investments, extensive R&D, and deep partnerships, we provide a seamless, scalable path for enterprises to adopt AI, backed by Qlik’s incredible customer success track record.”


Qlik Talend Cloud: A comprehensive, integrated platform evolving from Qlik’s 2023 acquisition of Talend, introducing new capabilities such as data products for faster, quality-assured data curation and a dynamic data marketplace to enhance the delivery of domain-specific data across the organization. It offers modern data engineering tools with a spectrum of powerful transformation capabilities from no-code to pro-code options, creating trusted AI-ready data for complex AI projects. The platform’s unified packaging and pricing ensure affordability, while its Qlik Talend Trust Score™ for AI uniquely assesses data health, setting a new standard in AI readiness. The solution incorporates Stitch’s SaaS data connectivity, enhancing its capability to handle diverse data sources efficiently.

Qlik Answers: An out-of-the-box, generative AI-powered knowledge assistant that transforms how businesses access and utilize unstructured data. It delivers reliable, personalized answers from companies’ private, curated sources such as knowledge libraries and document repositories, ensuring instant, relevant insights. Fully plug-and-play and self-service, it integrates seamlessly into existing systems, enabling workers to make informed decisions in real-time. With full explainability, users know the origin of answers, maintaining trust and transparency. Qlik Answers offers best-in-class security and governance, making it a complete, easy-to-deploy solution for leveraging unstructured data to drive improved business performance.

Navanwita Bora Sachdev

Navanwita is the editor of The Tech Panda who also frequently publishes stories in news outlets such as The Indian Express, Entrepreneur India, and The Business Standard

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