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Skyesports Masters rope in AMD & Microsoft as powered by sponsors for Skyesports Masters

Skyesports, a South Asian esports tournament organizer, has onboarded AMD and Windows 11 as powered by sponsors to enhance India’s first-ever franchised esports tournament, the Skyesports Masters.

Scheduled to take place in Mumbai in front of a huge live audience, Skyesports Masters will witness eight franchised teams competing in CS: GO to become the ultimate masters. The groundbreaking tournament is set to make history as India’s biggest gaming event ever, with a record-breaking prize pool of Rs. 2 Crores.

AMD is a multinational semiconductor company renowned for its impressive range of graphics cards. Through its cutting-edge technology and products, AMD has set the bar for gaming performance and power energy, making it the perfect partner for Skyesports Masters to elevate the gameplay of the tournament to unparalleled heights.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Mukesh Bajpai, Marketing Head, AMD India, said, “We are excited to connect with fans and the esports community through India’s biggest gaming tournament, Skyesports Masters. We look forward to offering an immersive gaming experience with AMD’s latest technology and powerful range of gaming products to a wide audience not only in India but beyond as well.”

Microsoft Windows 11, the world’s leading operating system, will be powering Skyesports Masters to not only enhance the visual experience of the tournament but also provide a seamless gaming experience to the athletes through its advanced features.

Gaming has always been an integral part of the Windows experience. Windows 11 offers an immersive gaming experience to players with technologies like Auto HDR, Direct Storage, and more

Bhaskar Basu, Head of Modern Work, Microsoft India

Bhaskar Basu, Head of Modern Work, Microsoft India, said, “We are thrilled to be a part of India’s first franchised esports league, the Skyesports Masters. Gaming has always been an integral part of the Windows experience. Windows 11 offers an immersive gaming experience to players with technologies like Auto HDR, Direct Storage, and more. We look forward to the Skyesports Masters in Mumbai, to bring the joy of gaming to players across India.”

The Skyesports Masters offers the ideal platform for both brands to showcase their products to a highly engaged gaming audience and these high-profile associations are a testament to the grand magnitude of the tournament.

Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, Skyesports said, “We are thrilled to have AMD and Windows 11 with us for India’s biggest gaming tournament, the Skyesports Masters. We need to provide the players with the best infrastructure for competing in the league, and with the power of AMD and Windows 11 have aced that. The franchised esports league includes a long LAN event in Mumbai offering brands an ideal place to not only show their products but also connect with the audience on the ground as well.”

The Skyesports Masters is set to kick off next month with the gaming cafe qualifiers. These qualifiers will take place in more than 20 cities across the country to recognize the best CS: GO talent and usher in a revival for the title from the grassroots level. 

Navanwita Bora Sachdev

Navanwita is the editor of The Tech Panda who also frequently publishes stories in news outlets such as The Indian Express, Entrepreneur India, and The Business Standard

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