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Israel, officially the state of Israel is a parliamentary democracy in the Middle East, on the south-eastern shore of the Mediterranean sea. Israel has a nurturing startup ecosystem and is the place from where a lot of famous products such as Conduit, Gigya, Waze, etc have originated. Tel Aviv has been named the 2nd best high-tech center in the world this year. So we at the TechPanda bring you a series of promising startups to watch out for this year. The startup we will be featuring today is, a service that brings an optimised conversation on Twitter.

Let us hear more about it from the CEO, David Porat himself.

The premise of building a personal relationship with the customers through social media seems to be the holy grail most companies are searching for and 12Mass promises to deliver that. Can you tell us more about how 12Mass works?

Utilizing strong Artificial Intelligence, 12Mass clusters similar status updates, analyzes them and measures the engagement level each response generated. This way, we are able to suggest a suitable response to each status update the brand receives or targets.

  • 12Mass increases one’s ability to communicate 50 to 100 times more efficiently compared to other tools.
  • Brands build dialog decision trees which becomes an asset for the brand (stickiness).
  • Brands optimize the content in the dialog trees using A/B testing measuring tools.
  • As we increase our user base, the system becomes “smarter”, and is able to offer better responses, as it is now benefiting from the collective knowledge from all our users’ dialog trees: building a universal large tree.

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Why did you guys choose Twitter as medium for a company to interact with its customers? Why not any other social media site?

We started with Twitter and will expand to other networks soon, including Facebook and Weibo. Twitter is a great place to start as it is the most used conversation platform. On Facebook Pages you can respond by comments and you can do so only with your fans. On Twitter the conversation is open for everyone and is much more optimized for conversations.

How has the response been for 12mass till now?

12Mass is being released these days. Many large brands have been using which was an earlier alpha version of 12Mass. More than 12K businesses and marketers have signed up; more than 3500 accounts have already sent 2.5 million messages.  Current known brands used itweetlive: Liverpool FC, Lego group, Amdocs, Fiverr, Viber, Waze, Conduit, Tiffany and co, Cupid, The State of Alabama, the Government of Israel and over 400 users with an alexa rank less than 100,000 have been optimizing their conversations.

 What are the future plans for 12mass? Is there any plans to cover more social media channels like Google Plus?

Yes we will start with integration with Facebook and weibo, and than expand to other platforms that provide a two way conversation between brands and consumers.

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About the founders and team

A strong talented and dedicated team with more than 10 years’ experiences each in their field are at the helm of 12Mass.

CEO: AgmonDavid Porat; NLP and Team Manager: Shalom Miuni; Director of Design: Lee Atzmon

Agmon David Porat

is the CEO of 12Mass, helping brands to scale up personal conversations on social media. Prior to 12Mass, he led the research and development department at Kencap Ltd, a medical device company, developing ideas for successful medical devices and managing web strategies. Agmon holds a master’s degree in biomedical engineering, an MBA degree (with honours) from the College of Management and a BSc degree in physics as well as geophysics, atmospheric and planetary sciences from Tel Aviv University.

What do we think of 12Mass?

The folks at 12Mass are aiming to solve a universal problem that plagues all companies that are trying to harness the power of social media to get to know their customers better. We are excited to see the service extend to other social media platforms soon and wish them all the best in connecting brands and consumers!


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