About Us

The Tech Panda explores technology’s impact on Indian lives and its ties with business and economy.

Technology is like water, it flows where you lead it, prospers where you pour it, wherever humans interact with it, it either blooms or dooms. But when ignored, it stagnates and even evaporates, until innovation rains a fresher one.

The Tech Panda continuously attempts to understand new technology and how every Indian views this advent, including the urban tech savvy, the heartland dweller, the businessperson, the student, and governments.

Our mission is to explore technology in the eyes and hands of Indians as they make and/or use it. We relay the technology stories that lead to new ecosystem formations, new social behaviour, new policy, and a new future. was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur, technologist, and writer Prateek Panda, who is also the Co-Founder & CMO of Appknox. Prateek founded with the aim of highlighting the strength of innovation within India. Prateek’s current startup Appknox is an alumnus of Microsoft Accelerator and Cisco Launchpad in Bangalore, and JFDI Asia in Singapore. Prateek is also a Mentor and Advisor to startups across the world.

Currently, editor Navanwita Bora Sachdev operates it. Navanwita has been editor of the site since May 2020 and is a journalist from India who also frequently publishes stories in news outlets such as The Indian Express, Entrepreneur India, and Business Standard.

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