E-Book – How to Interview Customers and Early Adopters


According to Lean Startup Methodology,  Customer Feedback is one of the critical tasks in a startup’s to-do list.  So, are you taking time to Interview Customers, asking them what they want?

Talking to Potential Customers and Early Adopters is must and this e-book gives you pointers on how to go about it.  By reading this 14 page e-book, you’ll be able to understand –

  •  How to get Interviews with Potential Customers
  •  How to get customers to talk
  •  How to Conduct Interviews with Potential Customers
  •  How to interview Early adopters?
  •  What to consider from feedback and what to leave out

The best part : The e-book is totally FREE!

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This is our first attempt at creating an e-book and we welcome all feedback.Please mail at [email protected]

Alap Naik Desai helped us in compiling this eBook.  He is a Tech writer with an active interest in Businesses, Startups & anything related to the Digital world.

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