Indian Startup Accelerators

Business ideas evolve in the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs all the time. And they need help to nurture their business ideas. Startup accelerator is a program designed by the accelerators to turn those business ideas into reality with the help of mentors and a host of available resources. Find the list of Indian Startup Accelerators to take your business idea to the next level.

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1. The Startup Centre :  Founded by 2010, this startup offers help with Business Model Brainstorming, Growth Hacking Strategies, Setting up the Advisory Board and Market Validation, a small amount of Funding to the tune of Rs. 10 Lakhs (Approx $20,000). The accelerator has no batches, and takes startups as they find them. The accelerator program is for 6 months.

Companies applying for the Accelerator are expected to have their Product-Market fit done, before applying and the mentoring / support infrastructure provided is on the more advanced stages.

This Accelerator is based out of Chennai, and the founding team consists of Vijay Anand, Naru Narayanan, Subbu Murugan, Suresh Sambandam, Sudhir Ravindran and VC Karthic.

You can apply for the accelerator here.


2. TLabs (Times Internet Limited) : It is a startup accelerator and early stage seed-fund in India located in Delhi NCR, offering mentorship and guidance for internet and mobile technology startups. The main objective is to nurture and support the ideas and projects of Internet and Mobile entrepreneurs. This startup accelerator offers a highly intensive four month mentoring program with a funding of INR 10 lakh, a co-working space and a host of other benefits.

The key features of TLabs acceleration program include seed funding, mentorship and guidance, support for growth funding and to test the product based on individual requirements. This startup acceleration program at TLabs happens twice a year.

To know more, you can contact them at [email protected].

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3. GSF : Started with a main objective that is to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship through angel and seed investing, GSF is a startup accelerator founded by Rajesh Sawhney. GSF Accelerator was created in the image of a hackathon and launched in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. The accelerator program is designed to help startups in the areas of mobile, social, local and cloud. Besides, GSF Superangels has a network of 20 iconic founders and investors dedicated to providing seed funding to the Indian startups.

The thirteen week accelerator program built on unique values, which is intensity of mentorship, deep collaboration with ecosystem and creation of global springboards for the Indian startups.

To know more on how to apply to GSF Global Accelerator, click here.

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4. Microsoft Ventures : Helping startup companies take flight, Microsoft Ventures based in Bangalore offers immersive accelerator programs for the startups. It is a four month program for high potential tech startups, providing help in the technology aspects, user experience, design and market strategy and access to quality mentors, partners, customers and technical and design experts.

The startup accelerator program starts in January and July every year. After the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator program ends, the potential technical startup has an opportunity to pitch on their Investor Demo Day before the esteemed panel of Microsoft executives, Angel investors, venture capitalists and industry influentials.

Microsoft Ventures look for applications that can leverage the cloud such as E-Commerce, mobile (any O/S), media, social applications, gaming, education & healthcare, enterprise, telecom and Big Data.

Click here to apply.


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5. Kyron : Kyron is a global accelerator headquartered in Bangalore, helping entrepreneurs develop their innovations and business ideas into a demoable product. Kyron’s intensive 16 week program is designed to turn a business idea into compelling fundable proposition. The four phases of the program will make an entrepreneur to Learn, Build, Shape and Pitch and this accelerator program begins with a 2 week boot camp organized in partnership with global academic institutions and ANSR Source. The transition of entrepreneurs into heroes happens on Heroes Day, which is the formal culmination of the program.

The The first step in the selection process is an online evaluation followed by several rounds of intensive discussions with Kyron team.

To apply for Kyron’s startup accelerator program, you can click here.

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6. VentureNursery : Boasting India’s first angel-backed accelerator, VentureNursery was established in March 2012 by the two Angel investors, Shravan Shroff and Ravi Kiran. VentureNursery’s accelerator program works on a hybrid model, which includes BootCamp and ParallelTrack. BootCamp is run minimum of twice in a year. The chosen startups are allowed to go through the BootCamp program.

The BootCamp is a comprehensive package for startups that includes regular interaction with Angels-in-Residence, Executive-in-Residence, feedback session with top angel investors and partner level VCs, infrastructure support and a host of other benefits. ParallelTrack is a virtual acceleration process that is more stringent and not more than three startups will be accepted. The focus is on six sectors – Media & Entertainment, Retail, eCommerce, Consumer Technology, Education and CleanTech.

To join the BootCamp, fill in the application form here.

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7. StartupSchool : Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to create mobile and web startups, StartupSchool is located in Kochi, Kerala hosted by StartupVillage and run in partnership with Jaaga. The StartupSchool’s accelerator program is a one year program to help web and mobile developers start their technology startups in India. The program consists of two semesters four months each. In the first semester, the participants work on a broad range of startup ideas, do small projects and develop a minimally viable product. During the second semester, the participants continue to develop the product with feedback from users. The StartupSchool will represent profitable technology startups to angel investors.

For the next intake, you can contact them at [email protected].

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8. Catalyzer : A startup accelerator and mentor for entrepreneurs. Focusing on startups in technology, education, environment, healthcare, nutrition, hospitality and social enterprises, the Catalyzer offers a startup accelerator program in Hyderabad, which is a 101 days mentorship driven entrepreneurship cohort accelerator program. The program features a co-working space, mentorship in your area of specialization, customer discovery and product development.

Twelve teams are selected twice a year by the Catalyzer from this program. In addition, it also offer a 15 day startup program called Startup 15 to gain better understanding about your startup business idea.

Apply for the startup accelerator program here.

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