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QnA service has Quora has the most traffic from Indian users and with each passing day, it’s popularity is only increasing. Indians are driving at least 30% of the total website’s traffic. Quora has seen this unprecedented rise from India mainly due to it’s Entrepreneurship and Abroad study segments. Using Quora, brand new information can be accessed regarding various start-ups, the actual stories behind the big companies we know now and much more. So,we have compiled a list of 10 Interesting Start up discussions currently happening on Quora.


1) How do  begin a start-up in India?

India is a land where the youth is bubbling with enthusiasm and energy and ready to take on the world on it’s own means. Everyone wants to be the master of himself, everybody wants a slice of the cake. This thread provides great insights into the start-up scene that is taking India by the storm.


2) What is the process involved in launching a start up in India?

You have the idea. You have the product. But how do you officially set up a company? How does one launch his/her start-up in India? This thread handles all the questions regarding the launching of a start-up officially.


3) What are the best ways to think of ideas for a start-up?

How does one think of an idea to execute? When we read about various start-ups that are reaching new heights, we often wonder “How do these people get their ideas from?” That is exactly what is this discussion provides. Head over to the thread to get inspired and let the bulb light on your head.


4) What is the best advice for a young, first-time start-up CEO?

Sow now you have the idea for a start-up and you also possess the technical skills to put that idea into form. But a start-up is much more than just an idea or the skills, it also about how to manage your business and how to manage it effectively. This thread gives some of the best advice to the young start-up CEO’s who have just entered the market and are ready to take it head on.


5) What are common misconceptions about startups?

Everyone reads about famous start-ups, the insane amounts they raise, the fat paychecks their CEO’s cut etc. But these are all the brighter sides of the start-ups. Not every start-up earns big money, not every start-up is an easy journey, it is just not about the idea etc. This thread here clears all your misconceptions regarding the start-ups.


6) Which startups have the best stories?

People like to read. They like to get inspired. They like to be in-awe of something that they read. The steep rise of Twitter, the way Facebook was built, the behind story of successful businesses. This thread gives out the story of various famous start-ups like Rovio, Lamborghini, Fed-Ex etc.


7) What are some great “must-watch” videos for entrepreneurs and startups?

This thread holds the most inspirational talks and presentations regarding start-ups and rising businesses. These are indeed the ‘must-watch” videos for the entrepreneurs.


8)What are some great online tools for startups?

Technology has entered our lives and has become an indispensable part of our lives? There is so much that technology and internet can do, that it never ceases to amaze us. This thread lists out the great online tools that budding entrepreneurs can use to effectively manage their preneurs.


9)  What separates the top-10 of the start-up CEOs from the rest?

What does it take to reach the top? What makes you completely separates from  rest of the group? What makes you stand out get noticed? This thread lists out the few things that can help you in getting noticed and separating from the “common” folks.


10) Why start-ups fail?

Often a start-up does not take off despite having a great idea at it’s core, sometimes a start-up takes off despite having a weak idea at it’s base, but it takes-off due to great implementation of the skills by its creators. Read this thread to know what things can ruin a start-up and become the reason for it’s downfall.

Have been part of an interesting discussion on Quora? Let us know in the comments.


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