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Call it an early International woman’s day gift or an attempt to appease the female voters in India, the Union Budget 2013-14 has definitely given the fairer sex in India a reason to smile. The Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram announced that India would soon have its first all woman public sector bank that would be run by women and cater to women entrepreneurs, especially those in rural and semi urban areas. However, how to go about starting up a new business or a start up?

We, at TheTechPanda, have a gift for you too. Here is a list of the 10 Start Up Ecosystems that we think help the women entrepreneurs! The major reasons these websites were included in this list are:

  • Amazing user interface
  • Informative content
  • Focus on females
  • Dedicated writers, bloggers, editors and designers!


1. The Catalyst

The Catalyst

The Catalyst is a non-profit organisation that helps women to choose, launch and advance their careers. Their motto is to change lives by changing workplaces. They aim at expanding opportunities for women and help to connect, engage, inspire and impact women all over the world.

They have been included in the list of 100 best start ups for women by  The Catalyst expanded into Asia in 2011, during the year of its 50th anniversary with the opening of an office in Mumbai, India.

2.The Chic CEO

The Chic CEO

The Chic CEO is a “stylish” community that believes that women should have the business knowledge and support they need right at their painted and polished fingertips. The website provides the reader with easy to understand, and easier to implement business knowledge. Hence, it is a resource database for all women who don’t know how to implement their ideas or are too scared to try.

Other than the basic knowledge, there is a forum where you can learn from people willing to share their experiences and give advice on something they have already been through. In their words, they help you become “the boss”.

3. Daily Worth


Daily Worth is the leading multi-platform financial media company for women who want more — more net worth, more self worth, and ultimately, more joy. Founded in 2009, DailyWorth has helped women own their financial futures, and ultimately their happiness. Their approach to money is realistic, holistic, and proven. In their own words, “We’re a vibrant community of motivated women who are ready to take charge of their lives and their finances. Money has meaning when it gives you the freedom to live an inspired life. We are here to make sure we do just that, together. ”

4. The BOSS

The BOSS Network

The BOSS: “Bringing Out Successful Sisters” Network aims at promoting and encouraging small business spirit and professional development of women. It is a community of career and entrepreneurial women who support each other through conversation, online and event-based networking. They believe that network determines the net-growth, hence, networking is extremely important.

5. Brazen Careerist

The Brazen Careerist

This website gives free career tips and job opportunities owing to the belief that everyone deserves a job they love. They help to refine skills by giving the best possible advice, discovering the strengths of individuals and refining the skills. They also help to  connect alumni and entrepreneurs from all over the world via a social forum.

6. Corporette


We are women and as much as we love money, and earning it on our own, we do like to look prim and proper at the same time.  Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and otherwise overachieving chicks who need to look professional but want to look fashionable.  The site was started in May 2008 by Kat Griffin, who was then a litigator at a Wall Street law firm.  She wrote the site anonymously until April 2010, and now focuses on Corporette full time.

7. Amazing Women Rock

Amazing Women Rock

Amazing Women Rock is an interactive website that helps you to read about a few influential women, get inspired, learn new stuff and discover resources for starting up a new venture. AWR was created by Susan Macaulay because of her observation that  women tend not to “blow their own horns,” and as a result miss out on a lot of opportunities that life has to offer.

8. Flexing It

Fullscreen capture 07-03-2013 194641

A platform that is helping bring suppliers and buyers together is Flexing It, an online marketplace for “short-term & flexible skills”. It’s a platform that connects professionals and organisations on projects, consulting assignments and other types of short-term, part-time and flexible work structures. The interface went live in October 2012 and already has close to 800 professionals and 85+ organisations registered. 60% of the professionals registered on the site have 10 or more years of experience, and are well represented across functions and industries. Organisations using the platform include start-ups, industry leaders and organisations in the social space.

Chandrika Pasricha is the founder and CEO of Flexing it.

9. MoneyChat India

MoneyChat IndiaMoneyChat India is another Indian Start Up that provides women in business with professional advice and services in Marketing, Technology and Market Research on a subscription basis so that they can get the professional advice they need, when they need it. MoneyChat India routinely conducts events for its members. Discussions are on substantive areas which are relevant to business owners and essential for business success. “Our events are followed by networking opportunities to help connect women entrepreneurs with each other. This robust support system ensures that women do not feel isolated as they navigate through entrepreneurial challenges and can learn from each other’s experiences.  The success of these events has created a lot of interest in other services offered by MoneyChat India,” says Rita Kale, founder of MoneyChat India.

10.Women Innovate Mobile (WIM)

Women Innovate Mobile

Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) is the first startup accelerator focused exclusively on launching and accelerating the growth of women-founded companies in mobile technology. Through its network of mobile experts, mentors and investors, WIM provides women entrepreneurs with the tools, feedback and connections needed to launch and scale their mobile ventures.

Women Innovate Mobile hopes to develop a more diverse startup ecosystem by helping promising women-led mobile ventures.

WIM is a three-month mentorship driven accelerator program and the first program is taking place in New York City from March 26 to June 29. The participating companies will receive $18,000 in funding, free office space, product development and design support, mobile-marketing promotions, and access to a network of mentors, funders and advisors. In exchange for the investment and services, WIM receives a 6% equity stake in each company.

So go ahead, girls and ladies! Don’t worry about the cash, don’t worry about the advice. Have a look at any or all of the above mentioned websites to give you a complete overview of how to go about things.

Last but not the least, Happy women’s day! Keep smiling, always and have your head held high. Cheers!


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