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Sometimes when you visit a website or open an app on your smartphone, a gasp of wow emerges from your lips automatically. This wow is the result of the UI i.e. the User Interface of the website or the app. The way it stands out, the way how each element of that site/app appeals to you and makes your eyes go wide. No wonder good UI designs are very much in-demand right now and if you score high on the UI department, the user will want to stay or visit your app/website again and again, simply just to please their eyes.

So whenever you are starting on a User interface for your start-up, keep in mind the following points, as they may help you the most.

1) Behave  Like The User

Perceive how the user will look at the website.

How does the website looks from the user’s point-of-view?

How each element behaves along with the user?

Don’t go along with the current design trends. Think out-of-the-box. Focusing on the user and their requirements will get you far ahead than  by mimicking the competition designs.

2) Arrange content with common sense

Create the website/app in such a way that the important content of the website are arranged on the top and the importance of each step goes down in a chronological order. This way, it will users to focus on whats more important rather than navigating through miles of unimportant content.

 3) Consistency

Be consistent in your design. Users do not like to see varying degrees of designs on each scroll or when they click on the next link. A common consistent website can work wonders for you. It will also help the users have a better understanding of your website/app.

 4) Patterns

Research Research Research.

Look at the websites people use.Facebook, Twitter, Google, NYTimes etc. Take ideas from them. Solve the problems they have or you think they have. A completely different system should also not be developed as it is prone to leave the users confused and more likely to shut down the website/app.

5) Simple

Minimalist and simple designs are often the most beautiful and subtle. They capture attention, they give away a certain air of gorgeousness that only such sites can provide. Keep the layouts simple, the forms simple. Do not keep it too hard or the user will not hesitate to press the dreaded close button. Keep it Simple Silly.

 6) More options

Once the layout has been set and users have been comfortable with the setting. bring in keyboard shortcuts, bring in new buttons along the sidebar, bring in new forms that do not hinder the view. Empower your user as these few changes will keep on bringing him back.

 7) Be Easy going

Mistakes are bound to happen, whether it’s by the user or by you. Mistake in filling the birth-date, a mistake in some actions etc are surely going to happen. Keep enough space in the website/app so as to forgive those mistakes. An undo button, small messages if common errors creep up etc are surely going to make the user feel more comfortable.

 8) Content

The content on the website/app is as important as the design of the website/startup. Keep the language simple and easy to understand. Do not try to show off your linguistic skills to the user so much so that the user fails to understand a bit of it. Use good, fluent language that is easily readable and understandable.

 9) Improvements

It’s never too old to re-invent yourself. Always keep doing so. A nifty change here or there, a solution to small mistake here or there will always help you get forward and mingle with the users. Do not be wary of the mistakes you commit, but instead empower yourself to face those mistakes and keep on developing the UI. A few minor roadblocks are bound to arrive.

 10) Feedback

Always let the user know of whatever that is going on at every step that they take. A message on the sidelines, a small message/graphic to accompany important steps, a small guideline whenever an important step is near will only help the user and make him/her feel more at home and at ease.

So these were few of the points one should keep in mind while designing a UI for their start-up. If you have any  ideas, feel free to mention them in the comments below.


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