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No matter how optimistic we are, there will be certain days where things keep falling apart and it requires a bit of motivation to get back on track. Here are 10 things you can do to motivate in tough times –

1.  Socialize 

When times get tough, it is important to seek inspiration and support. Talk to a family member, a friend or preferably another entrepreneur.  It will be revitalizing to know that you’re not alone in this terrain.  Socialize with someone who is cheerful and optimistic. Positive energy is contagious. It is important to realize that ups and downs are the part of a start up. As an entrepreneur, this could be an amazing opportunity to grow. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

2. Set clear goals

One prime difference between a leader and a victim is that of consistency. Leaders are spectacularly clear about their daily goals. Clarity precedes mastery. Great Entrepreneurs are massively focused on their to-do’s, even when the times are hard. It is important to pen down the tasks that are required to be done. Set clear goals and execute them!

3. Get fit

When you transform your fitness, you transform your brain + your life. Get up early. Go for a run or do some yoga. Morning exercise triggers many neurotransmitters such as endorphins and serotonin. You will think better. You will become more confident and happy. And you will be able to make better decisions! that is all you need to persist during hard times.  So get fit like a pro-athlete!

4. Make a Gratitude list

When you feel low, just count all the blessings in your life. You have a family. You have a home. You have food on the table. There are tons of things to be grateful for. Making a regular Gratitude list is a great way to stay happy and motivated. It will energize you and fill you with positive energy.

5. Drink more water

A hydrated body is an energized body. Drink at least 15 glasses of water everyday. It will release all the stress-related toxins in your body. It will keep you fresh and active throughout the day.

6. Become a Beautiful thinker

Thought is the mother of action. You can’t think like a victim and expect yourself to perform like a master. Your life is an outcome of your thoughts. Thoughts in the present will determine the future. So become a beautiful thinker!

7. Clean the mess!

Tennis star Andre Agasi didn’t let anyone touch his tennis bag. He believed that mess creates stress. So clean out the clutter right now. From your life and from your mind!
Organize the documents. Get the desk cleaned. Throw away unwanted things. It will transform your productivity and mindset. Also delete all the energy vampires, negative souls, off your life!

8. Eat like an athlete

Eat breakfast like a king. Lunch like a prince. And dinner like a miser. A powerful diet will transform the way your brain functions and work wonders for your productivity at work. Remember that when you eat less, you do more.

9. Keep learning

If you want to double your earnings, then triple your investment on learning. Read new books. Listen to inspirational pod-casts. Visit seminars. Invest in self-development courses. Complacency is the enemy of mastery. So keep learning. Keep growing!

10. Remember the reason why you started!

The purpose of life is to have a life with a purpose. When you feel low, just remember the reason why you started. Think long term. Think about your core vision in life. It will energize you and tread you in the right direction. To get motivated, you need to remember why you were motivated in the first place.

What is your go-to tip for motivating yourself in tough times? Share with us.


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