Android Apps To Save Battery


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The Android apps market in today’s date contain millions of apps, but it is very important to understand that however all the apps and not properly designed,  they run in the background eating up the battery even when the phone is not in use, or maybe they constantly transmit wireless data which spends a lot of battery power.

The Stock Android only starts killing the apps when it runs out of memory so alternate methods needs to be used to prevent the wastage of battery life and hence improve the phone’s performance. Few applications are listed below that will help you conserve the battery power of your android device.

Here are the list of 3 apps that could help you save your phone’s battery life: 

1.Autorun Manager

The Autorun Manager provides you with the list of programs that run in the background of your device. Now if you want to disable the application, just select it and keep your eye open for the words “startup” or “boot”. Often this relates to a program that likes to run in the background and use your data connection.

You can disable the start-up applications from there according to your needs but remember that all start-up applications are not “irrelevant”.

2.Smart RAM booster

There are many irrelevant applications that run in the background and however needed to be closed, Smart RAM booster is one such app that helps you kill all those applications that run in the background and hence save battery power.

After installing the app, first go to Settings. Secondly, click on “Auto Boost settings“. Third, check the box for “Boost automatically“. This setting will kill apps that start in the background, which will somewhat help battery life.

3.Deep Sleep Power Saver

The Deep Sleep Power Saver puts the phone’s memory into long sleep state and hence it avoids the loss of battery life due to unwanted applications or network connections.

This one is the simplest to use. Just install and it starts saving you battery life. In fact, Deep Sleep Power Saver actually functions as a screen-off app-killer, if you select the Slumberer profile.


With three simple apps, and a minimal app profile, it’s possible to squeeze a four day battery life out of an Android phone. However, this also depends on how close you are to a network tower.

I can say that, these thee android apps combined with a minimum app profile (which means keeping only those apps which you need) will help you boost your battery life to a significantly noticeable extent. Give it a try and let us know your feedback.


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