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There’s nothing that’s stopping the foodies and epicureans, this is proven by the rise and substantial growth of food order and delivery startups in India, some of which have even forayed into European and latin-american markets. This clearly serves as an evidence that even in the cost cutting era people not only crave for the delicacies but love it more if it’s conveniently delivered.

We take a look at 5 competing food network startups.


1. FoodPanda


FoodPanda is one of Rocket Internet’s incubation, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and present in more than 20 countries is serving across 14 cities in India and growing ahead strong.

A credit for the growth of FoodPanda to be the most prefered across Indian cities lies firstly in its UX, the ease of use of the site and the mobile apps and then comes the most important part, the ordering.

FoodPanda has covered every city perfectly granulating down to sub-areas which helps locate the nearest service, and me being one of their customers is for the reason that they connect you to the near by places offering budget meals which fit in your pocket.


2. Zomato


Zomato is more of a restaurant guide than just being a food ordering service and has been growing at quiet a fast pace, present not only in cities across India but have ventured in Brazil, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Qatar, UAE and UK.

We ourselves have covered it a few times, and we were the first to announce the launch of their newly revised iOS app. Zomato is stepping beyond the baiscs of bridging the diners and the hoteliers but have also started connecting caterers, again a service which is required quiet often but many just ignore the gap and Zomato caught it right.

Zomato, which was actually started by the name in Delhi NCR by Deepinder Goyal, a grdauate from IIT Delhi who came up with the idea while he was working with Bain and Company. The name was changed to in November 2010.

What started as a small initiation in an office is now leading to creation of an empire.


3. JustEat


Headquartered in London, UK and operating in 13 different countries, which includes Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, UK and India. Acessing JustEat’s India web site does display an extensive list of cities across India, which makes a good first impression, but digging further in you realize the data is not that extensive which kinda holds back the consumer.

But the work on the UX is neat and results are fetched out pretty fast which is surely impressive, but needs more data to beef up against the toppers like FoodPanda and Zomato.


4. TastyKhana


For many TastyKhana won’t seem much popular as the other ones we alked about, but it is India’s first online ordering food portal, headquartered in Pune, India. TastyKhana was started in 2007 by Shachin who is now serving as the CEO and D’souza who is the CTO, the complete story on how it all started is shared in their blog.

Coming to the service, at present TastyKhana is serving in selected cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Fridabad and Ghaziabad, but what i found is they have covered every city in detail, encompassing every cornered sub areas across the cities and have pretty good elongated list of hotels ranging from the stiff budgeted and mid-ranged to the lavish ones, which is truly impressive.


5. DeliveryChef


This one is headquartered in Mumbai and was started in 2010 by Aditi Talreja, a graduate in Finance & Accounting from New York University. DeliveryChef also received the WAT Awards in 2011 for the best E-commerec site of 2011. Apart from taking oreders for meals and general food, they have also started focusing on fancy meals like cakes, cup cakes, gourmet foods and even sweets.

Checking out the service, didn’t seem to consist much notable list as that of others and mainly listed the expensive ones, which may not suite to many. Deliverychef still needs t pace up a lot to catch up with the others in the race.


For now we covered just 5 of them, but we’ll try to cover more food network starups as we get a chance and find some good details, if you know of any awesome food order or delivery startup do share it in the comments below.



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