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I got myself a guitar a couple of years ago. Having had a background in music, I thought I would self-learn how to play the guitar. These days, many of us have a guitar and many of us also own a smartphone. So, what does having a guitar have to do with having a smartphone? Well, there are loads of apps out there that can teach you how to play the guitar, for free!

Today, we list down 5 free Android Apps that will help you learn and play the guitar.

Guitar: Solo Lite [1.6+]

solo lite android app

Solo for Android is a $3.99 app which can help you learn guitar, and acts also as a guitar simulator. The free version, which I actually recommend if you’re a beginner, includes an acoustic guitar simulator, and a huge chord library for you to browse, learn and choose from. For each chord, you can see the exact chord diagram, learn how it’s played on real guitar, add it to your virtual guitar and play it on your phone. You can also add any chord you’re missing to the library by showing the app its exact fingering.

The full version includes more instruments, the option to play along with your own music, and no ads. You can try out some featured apps to earn coins, which you can then use to unlock the full version without paying a dime.

Learn Guitar Chords [2.1+]

learn guitar chords android app

Learn Guitar Chords is an app suited for those who are just starting out learning guitar. If you already know your chords, and want to focus on playing, you can skip this app. The app takes you step by step through the fingering of different chords, from the most basic to some more advanced ones.

It shows you exactly which finger to put where, which strings to play for each chord, and you can actually play the virtual guitar to hear what each chord sounds like. There are not many chords included in the app, but it’s great for learning the absolute basics.

Chords! Free [1.6+]

chords android app

Chords! is aimed at more advanced players, who have already mastered their basic chords and want to learn more about them and their different fingerings. The free version lets you search through the huge database for different chords, learn about them, listen to different fingerings and learn how to play different chords. It includes 5 different tunings for different instruments, and if you’re left handed, you can flip the fingerings to suit the way you play.

The full version ($3.99) lets you also reverse search chords by entering the fingering and finding which chord it is, includes more scales and tunings, and no ads.

Robotic Guitarist Free [1.6+]

Robotic guitarist android app

Robotic Guitarist is for those who want to jam on their phone without a real instrument, but is also really useful for those who do own one. Robotic Guitarist lets you choose chords out of a vast library, and play them on the device. You can also learn fingerings from the app, and listen to each individual string by itself.

The free version also includes a metronome and a tuner, which you can use for playing on any instrument (including the phone itself), and even includes several instruments you can choose from. Get the full $2.99 version to get rid of ads.

The Chordinator [1.5+]

android guitar app

Ending this list is The Chordinator. While not being the most slick app I’ve ever seen, it’s a great addition to the collection if you’ve already mastered some chords and want to put them to use. It’s meant for those who actually own a guitar (or two different devices), and want to easily find songs to play on the go. The app is very easy to use: simply search for a song or an artist, and follow the Google links the app finds for you.

Once you tap the link, the Android guitar app will automatically save the chords file for you and store it on your device. You can then browse your files and open the songs to view the chords and play. You can even enable auto scroll to have the song advance by itself as you play.

Final Note

If you are a guitar enthusiast, we would love to hear your comments on the above apps. Also, if there is something you love and use, do let us know. For all the newbies who are starting out, best of luck with your new tutor app.


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