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To start off, we all know what exactly a social networking site is, so without defining it and wasting your time, I am directly moving into the topic. Inspired by the success of Facebook, twitter, instagram and similar ones amongst the few popular social networking websites, more and more people are developing social networking websites on the basis of some innovative ideas. These websites serve the same old purpose of connecting with more and more people, but they have an innovative and interesting user interface and idea to cater to.

Let us take a look on 5 such social networking startups which are ‘hatke’ from the rest-




LostBeat allows everyone who had to give up on their passion to live their dream. It is a website where musicians, be it a band or a solo artist, can upload their work so that most of the people can hear them. Lost Beat is a community of all those people who call themselves ‘music-lovers’ and find their talent unrecognized- It is a platform where they can gain recognition and receive guidance from established bands as well.




Spacenab operates with the motto “online e-learning, skill up-gradation, exploring business opportunities and more.” Currently in its beta stage, Spacenab is in the direction of creating a new and a next generation way of communication which tends to bring people of every kind together and combine the space with unique social elemental tools to help people perceive desirable benefits.


Rishtey Konnekt


In layman’s word, Rishtey Konnect is basically a matrimonial website, however it has a twist to it. It tries to find your right match from a list derived from your friends or friends’ friends in Facebook. It is definitely innovative and is better than meeting someone completely unknown as through rishtey konnekt the person can take their friends’opinion how the person actually is and hence decide further.




In the time when social networking platforms cut down real interactions and we always see people cribbing about it, LetsDine is a welcome change for everyone. LetsDine tries to address the issue of waning real interaction and they arrange themed dining events for different groups of bloggers, poets, techies, foodies, entrepreneurs and other similar innovative groups where absolute strangers come and meet, interact and make friends over great food and coffee!




Playfiks is the to-be destination for all the sports lovers out there who are always looking for people who play the same sport as them in the same locality. It does not matter if you’re a regular, casual or serious player, or someone who just loves sport, Playfiks is the networking site for you. Playfiks helps build stronger networks both online and offline.



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