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Long term exhaustion resulting in continuous work leads to burnout. This usually means that you have done a strenuous exercise of the brain though you did not meant it to be done. Many theories of burnout include negative outcomes related to burnout, including measures of job function (performance, output, etc.), health related outcomes (increases in stress hormones, coronary heart disease, circulatory issues) and mental health problems such as depression.

Ironically, one doesn’t know the person is burned out but observes a peculiar behaviour over certain period of time. Irritation, Disenchantment, Hatred and Disrespect are some wonderful (Mind Blowing) feelings that arise when you are burned out.  Try and this test and find out whether you are burned out.

And by the way, here are 5 Ways To Find Out If You Are Burned Out(and with solutions):


(1) Tomorrow is a big day and you need to sleep atleast for 8 hours. Damn this sleepless night!!

Sleep is a primary need to any human being, but usually when we have a big presentation at work, or a date the next day we tend to feel deprived of sleep because of the jitters and the nerves. However, in such circumstances, make sure you get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep so that your mind and body is fresh, active and alert. Lack of sleep can make a person feel burnt out and cranky resulting in things going berzerk for you.

The best way to handle this is to close your eyes, keep your mind absolutely blank and take deep breaths, this will help in relaxing your muscles and easing the tension in you. Start counting numbers or sheeps, whichever method you feel comfortable in. It has been scientifically proven that 45 minutes of sleep is very much recommended between 1PM to 5PM. This is called a short cat nap and this 45 minutes helps you back into the track.

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(2) The bug you can never squash – Facebook

Facebook. Now this speaks it all. 92% of the students all over the world use Facebook and this is one of the prime reasons why the students are burnt out. The entire day is spent in school, homework, friends, etc. leaving out only nights when the students are free and can relax. However, the strenuous routine exhausts the mind and body and asks for rest but this is where Facebook intervenes. Facebook is the reason why the teenagers are burnt out. The best solution to this problem is to exercise self control. People can quit Nicotine, why cant you quit virtual thingy. Remember, a man is the architect of his own destiny.

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(3) Are you cynical or try to hurt others?

Most of the conflicts and bickering that takes place between family members, couples of BFFs are because one of them seems to be out of their mind transgressing what you may call logic or common sense, but underneath this lies a deep psychological explanation. A person who is emotionally, physically and  mentally exhausted processes little of the things going around them logically. This mental and emotional exhaustion is better known as depersonalization. They are usually cynical, hold negative attitude towards others and derogate themselves, their jobs and their lives in general. You really need to mind your will powers at this stamp, because sometimes even love doesn’t smooch happiness.

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(4) When you are at work – When actually you are not at work

Whether you’re at work, at college or school, it is a common thing when you simply find it impossible to concentrate and involuntarily start daydreaming. Suddenly, you jerk back and realize you were missing from the real world and what happened in between is just like a dream to you- the one which you just cannot remember no matter how much you try. You try to concentrate hard, but all the attempts go in vain and you find yourself present at your table just physically while your mind wanders away. Frustrating.

Take a chill pill. This pill consist of 15 minutes of strolling down the streets and having a cup of ice cream. Empty mind is good, but nullifying it to the core results in disenchantment.

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(5) Mood swings

The most common symptom of burnout is mood swing. The mind gets so restless and tired that it just cannot keep up with its surroundings. One moment you feel all good and happy but the other moment something doesn’t go according to your plan, you just get so annoyed and angry. At times, absolutely nothing or the smallest of the reasons changes your mood and the feeling of hopelessness invades you which is soon replaced by self anger and frustration.
The primary reason for this is attitudinal exhaustion. The solution for this is just simply, take a step back and do what you love doing. Talk to your friends, spend some quality time with your partner or alone with a book and a cup of coffee tucked inside your bed. Believe in yourself and feel good about yourself.

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Have you lately experienced burnout? Tell us your thoughts.


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