facebook icon facebook icon, backed Nexus Venture Partners, is announcing this week the launch of its self-service platform. The platform includes a starter plan with 50 free credits per month, giving access to data from over 200 million businesses.

It also includes expanded contact details with direct dials, streamlined self-on boarding, and on-demand training, and allows businesses to author and automate personalized messages.

The startup is backed by Nexus Venture Partners, a venture capital firm with offices in Silicon Valley and India. The venture fund, who’s investment sizes range from USD 500K to 10 million, manages USD 1.5 billion across funds and was founded in 2006 by Naren Gupta, Sandeep Singhal, and Suvir Sujan. was founded by Tim Zheng, Roy Chung and Ray Li. Its product supports sales and marketing teams with an intelligent, data-first platform. It also provides integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot and other platforms.

According to CEO Jim Benton, he was attracted to the company because, as he first told the founders through a cold-email, “What you’re doing is spot on, and I’d love to come by and introduce myself.”

“When you combine a remarkable team with a magical product that solves a large and expensive GTM problem, you no doubt have the chance to become one of the next truly special Silicon Valley companies,” the CEO added. has received $9M in funding and is an alumni of Y Combinator, having been one of the few accelerator alumni profitable upon graduation.


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